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Formula suggestions

My 9 month old daughter has been exclusively on breastmilk but with a supply that disappeared due to several factors, including another pregnancy, we are looking to start formula soon.  We have about two more weeks of milk in the freezer.  I had some samples, but gave them away a few months ago to moms that couldn't bf.  What suggestions do you have on what brand to give?


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  • It depends on what your baby We got sick of spending so much money on Enfamil so we switched to Costco brand. And DS never noticed a difference.

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  • Similar to the previous poster, we got tired of spending a fortune on Similac so we started using the BJs brand and it worked well for my son.
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  • Call the company and ask for a sample. Try Similac advance. If it doesn't work you can get a refund on Similac sensitive. If that doesn't work you might need one of their purple cans. If advance works then try the store brand. :)
  • I had the exact same issue - was breastfeeding and found out I was pregnant, so I slowly weaned in fear of losing supply and knowing I had to go back to work (12 hr shifts.  No way I could pump.. work is way too hectic) - so I started trying things out and luckily my girl isn't picky at all.  The PC stuff is cheapest and has been totally fine for us.  I did notice it has corn syrup in it though (similac doesnt) so I'm thinking about switching to the Kirkland Costco stuff.  I've heard it's actually the sweetest too. 
  • When my milk supply dropped we switched to the samples we had saved for just in case. They made our DD really cranky. We didn't want to spend a ton on name brand gentle formula so we started using SAM'S brand gentle ease. We like the target brand gentle ease too when we are running low since we live 45 minutes from the closest Sam's (its in almost the same canister as Sam's so we think it's probably the same stuff just a little more expensive).
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