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Won't nurse in the evening!

my DD is 8 wks old and screams every evening after 4 when I try to nurse her. She will usually calm down and eat but it takes a while and she goes a long time between feeds. Tonight I gave up and tried a bottle and she took the whole feed no problem. Anyone else ever experience this? When I pumped I got 6 ounces so I know my breasts were not empty. Im just at a loss but I don't want to always give evening bottles and risk hurting my supply since I have a 2yr old and can't always pump after the bottle.

Re: Won't nurse in the evening!

  • Could you start with a bottle then 1oz in switch to breast? Maybe she likes the flow of the bottle more than the flow of your breast
  • It sounds like it could be flow issues. Is the bottle faster? If so, I would switch to a slower nipple so she doesn't develop a preference.
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  • 1. Maybe your flow is slower in the evening and that is frustrating for her? 

    2. My son had an extremely fussy period from about 4pm to about 8pm pretty much every night throughout his second month. (He did the opposite though, and wanted to nurse ALL THE TIME. I ate dinner over his face for a month.) 

    Does she feed well at other times? How long is "really long" between feedings in the evening? 

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  • She is a fast eater otherwise. She usually only feeds one side for 10 minutes. When she's doing her crying in the evening she may eat only 1-2 minutes from 4-9pm.  She normally eats every 2 hours and 2-3 at night. I am using premie flow nipples but maybe it's a flow issue from me combined with her fussy time. 
  • How old is she? Research witching hour. I had this same issue with DD.
  • We experienced the witching hour around that age.  It passes eventually!  Just try to feed when you can manage, you'll get through it.  
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