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Leave of absense & health insurance policies...Ouch!

Hi ladies! I just found out last week that my job is allowing me a "leave of absence" when baby is born. 6-8 weeks depending on delivery type. Seems to be the norm among small businesses. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around leaving my six week old to go back to a full time job! Does anyone else feel that this will be nearly impossible?? I know so many woman do this, but the idea of it now just makes me want to cry. Plus, I will have to pay full price for baby to be added to my health insurance plan. Roughly $700.00 per month. Double hit! Anyone else as anxious about all of this as I am??

Re: Leave of absense & health insurance policies...Ouch!

  • A close friend just recently went through this. She went back after 6 weeks. Prior to going out her
    work agreed to let her work 3 days in the office and 1 day from home but when she went back they told her that the only option was 4 10 hour days per week with Fridays off. I know it has been rough for her but she says she's getting through it. The first weeks were the hardest.

    I personally get full FMLA 12 weeks leave, and I do not intend to go back full time. We'll be taking a financial hit moving over to my husband's insurance but I can't imagine going back. I commute 1 1/2 hours each way, it just isn't a doable option with a newborn. And day care costs would make my working hardly worthwhile financially. 

    I'm sorry you are anxious, as I have told my friend, you are strong enough to get through it.

  • Find out if you can take FMLA with your company. I think its actually a state reg thing and maybe not so much even based on who you actually work for? Do research online or talk to HR in your company. I am entitled to 12 weeks with FMLA but of course I have to use all my earned time off and the rest is unpaid. Still worth it even if it means struggling for a few months financially.
  • I went back at 8 weeks after my first and the key, for me, was having care that I felt really comfortable with. Husband stayed home for 2 weeks and then at 10 weeks we had an in-home nanny. Knowing he was at home getting personal attention and love made it so much easier!
  • I went back after 12 weeks and I think no matter what there are tough parts about leaving your child in someone else's care. I totally agree about feeling really confident in your care provider. Personally I couldn't imagine being back at work, physically, at 6 weeks. Even though my tear was small, I was incredibly sore due to location and still had a lot of discomfort overall. I don't say that to scare you, but to be another voice encouraging you to really explore all options before it happens, so you have backup plans :)
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  • I went back after 14/15? weeks last time (I was paid for weeks 1-5 because I had saved years of sick days, but I also had to pay health insurance out of pocket for the duration of the leave). I know that some women are ready and excited to go back to work, even at 6-8 weeks, but I wasn't one of them. At six weeks, I was still physically recovering from my csection and DS had just gotten a decent latch with breastfeeding so we were switching away from the pump until I had to return to work. Even returning when I did felt far too early to me and caused a lot of crying and anxiety. This time, I only have 2.5 weeks of sick days saved (to get paid) then I'm taking an extended unpaid leave and we're switching onto DH's insurance. We'll have to tighten our budget, but I'm happy to not return to work so soon.

    I hope that you're able to find a solution that works for you and your family. I know that small businesses (<50 employees) aren't held to FMLA, but I would inquire about what, if any, accommodations they can make to your schedule or location (on site vs work from home) if you're not ready by 6-8 weeks.  

  • Makes me want to cry too. Just 6 weeks... :(
  • I'm going back after 8 weeks and have to travel for work 10 weeks after my due date (don't know when I'll actually have her though). I am not covered by FMLA (company too small), but my company offers short-term disability, and this qualifies for that. I'm also fortunate in that we will all be on my husband's insurance, which is more affordable than my own.

    Still, I'm anxious about sending her to daycare at 8 weeks old AND having to leave her for multiple days at possibly 10 weeks old.
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