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Throwing Food

My LO is 14 months now, and she likes to throw her food. Usually something triggers it, if she's done and not hungry or upset she just throws it all. I've been told that's completely normal but I wanted to see what you ladies do to coach them not to. I've notice that if I give her pieces in moderation that helps but I'm trying to get her use to a plate (which she also throws). Any suggestions?

Re: Throwing Food

  • My 17 month old does this at almost every meal. Luckily our dog sits next to her high chair and cleans it all up but it's still annoying.

    For us, if she is throwing a ton of food, not just the few bites she doesn't want, I get her down and the meal is over. I just repeat "no throwing food" and get her down. That's the best I can do.


  • Ugh! Story of my life! We think it's fun when they learn how to throw a ball and then all of a sudden the twins throw everything! If it drops on accident, no big deal. If I see them throw something on purpose, I will put them down on the floor and make them hand it to me. I have done this with all kinds of things - food, silverware, plates, cups, laundry, car keys, toys they didn't want all of a sudden, shoes... I think it's helping -- slowly! 
  • Thanks ladies I appreciate the feedback.

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