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Has anyone had a colposcopy while pregnant?

I'm 13 weeks pregnant and the nurse just called me to tell me I had abnormal cells from my pap.  They want to schedule me for a colposcopy but I'm really scared.  This is my first and probably only pregnancy and I'm worried about the baby.  Has anyone had this procedure while pregnant?  What should I do?  What can I expect?  

Re: Has anyone had a colposcopy while pregnant?

  • I had one with my first pregnancy. I was around 15 weeks when they did it. It's basically like a really in-depth pap smear. My doctor also opted out of getting a tissue sample of my cervix until after I had the baby. After I had my DD, I had another pap at my 6 week checkup and everything was normal! No abnormal cells anymore, she said sometimes labor/delivery can kind of erase? I guess, the bad cells. 

    Anyway, I've had normal paps ever since! Maybe you can talk to your doctor about not getting the tissue sample until after you deliver too? Because honestly, I know for me, even if there was something wrong, I wouldn't do anything about it until after I had the baby anyway, ya know?

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  • It's not a great idea to do anything like that while pregnant.  I had a pap smear at my first appointment during pregnancy because I was overdue for one and was told that was "okay" since it wasn't invasive.  Mr Dr. said anything more than that can increase the probability of miscarriage.
    I would hold off until after you deliver, as there is nothing that could really be done at this point anyway if the results still came back abnormal.  
    Additionally, I've had an abnormal pap come back and I ended up being fine.  It's always a good idea to check up on anything that could be abnormal, but given where you stand in pregnancy, I'd wait.
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  • I had an abnormal pap with my first pregnancy my Dr. waited until after Baby was born to do the colposcopy. 
  • I've had two colposcopies while pregnant. They will not biopsy while pregnant and they are absolutely no more invasive than a regular Pap test. It's just like a microscope so they can more closely examine your cervix. The don't swap or examine inside of the cervix. I was super hestitant as well and pushed the appointment off, when I finally went I felt stupid for waiting so long and for being so worried! 
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