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Broken ankle! Need some encouragement :/

So...I fell down the stairs last week at 35+6 and broke my ankle in 2 places.  EMS took me to the ER since my husband was on his way home from work and I wanted to get the baby monitored ASAP.  The baby is 100% fine (better off than I am).  The next day, I had surgery to repair the ankle.  They were able to use an epidural instead of general anesthesia (a huge relief to me - I was terrified about general with the baby), and put in the screws and plates.  So, I am now non-weight bearing for 5 more weeks at 37+2.  Looks like I'll be delivering without being able to walk around or use my feet to push.  I'm not sure what this means for my birth "preference" (I was told not to call it a of trying to do this without pain meds.  It also looks like I'll be taking care of a newborn without being able to walk.

If I could get some reassurance that this is going to be just fine, I'd really appreciate it!  Things seem pretty bleak to me right about now.  If anyone has the sh***y luck that I have and has experienced something similar, any tips would be spectacular!

Re: Broken ankle! Need some encouragement :/

  • Yikes so sorry that happened to you!!  That is definitely some bad luck but fortunately the baby is fine and your ankle will heal and someday you will look back on this and laugh!  
    I can't really comment about how much harder it will make going med-free (because I've had 3 epidurals), but as far as pushing the nurses/DH actually hold your thighs or you pull back on them so you'll be able to push just fine without hurting your ankles.  And a couple of weeks non weight bearing will be fine as long as you have some help.  It might actually help your healing process because you won't be over-doing it.
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  • Oh goodness I'm so sorry!  It won't be fun, but like pp said, if you're in a recline to push, the nurses/DH hold your legs behind your knees (or you can) so there's no pressure on the ankle/foot.  You could probably google positions for med free and talk to your midwife/OB about the ones that will suit you the best during labor.  Maybe on the toilet or backwards chair sitting, or there are a few side lying positions I've seen?  Or on all fours on the hospital bed with your feet hanging free off the end? 

    For post partum, I'd recommend having your SO clear a path around the house for an office chair for you.  That way, you can go from sofa to bed to changing table, nursery, etc in the rolling chair while still holding baby.  (DH has broken his ankle once and then got bitten on the foot by a copperhead, so we're well versed in how to keep him independent when that sort of stuff happens).  Keep all the baby things you need close at hand.  You'll do fine!

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  • No experience with this but wanted to wish you luck. That can't have been fun. Glad you are both doing ok though.
  • ugh so sorry mama! i think that on all fours with your feet just hanging off the edge of a bed is a great idea, and i delivered my last side-lying and unmedicated (no broken bones though). side-lying was much more comfy than on my back/reclined. i think my DH and doula may have supported my top leg a little at some point? and you could labor some sitting on a birth ball (technically that would be NWB even if your feet are resting on the floor, and labor on hands and knees also. praying your birth prefs are reached, and things during and after birth go smoothly for you <3

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    I'm so sorry - bad bad timing !! I hope it heals quickly and as pain free as possible !!! 
  • I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle! Hope it heals soon and that you'll get the birth experience you want. Wish you all the best and good luck
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