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induction scheduled

I need positive induction stories. I an scheduled to be induced March 1. I was told they would start the process then by inserting disolvable tabs towards the back of my vagina to help me dialate. Please do not tell me to wait it out. I have become very ill with an infection that can't be taken care of until my son is born and I am very anemic but cannot take iron because of the meds I am on to fight the infection. 

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  • I was induced at 40w5d but mine was done with pitocin. Overall I had a very positive experience because I was in labor for just over 5 hours. My nurse and Doctor actually told me not to brag about my experience because people would get the wrong impression of labor lol I progressed from 5 to 10 cm in 2 hours. My recovery has been really smooth and DD is doing great
  • I asked to be induced with my second and third baby. I was past my EDD with both. Every hospital is different. I just got put on pitocin right away and that's it. I had great experiences. I only was in labor 2 hours each both times. I did not get an epidural and contractions to me were no more painful then not being induced. Great recovery with no complications at all. Good luck. 
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    I was induced twice. The first, I was 1cm dilated with 'unfavorable ' cervix. I started with cervadil then pitocin. I got the epi when I was about 4cm dilated and felt minimal pain and the labor went smoothly except shoulder dystocia due to the size. 
    This time, I was 1.5 cm dilated with the baby 'up high'. We started with pitocin and the induction and labor all went smoothly. 
    Good luck! Think positively!!
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    I had the pills inserted vaginally as you will. They started contractions but take a few pills to really get your body working. They administer them every 4 hours and my 3rd dose is what really got my body going. Unfortuately they started my contractions anywhere from 1-5 minutes apart but I wasn't dialating. It took about 5 hours for my cervix to effect and dialate to a 3.5 in order for me to get an epidural, that was the hardest part because I was experiencing back labor with no meds up until that point. By then I didn't need any other drugs to keep my body in active labor, I was dialated to 5 cm when my contractions started causing baby's heart rate to decline. I ended up having a c section at my doctors recommendation and he was in distress because the cord was around his neck 3 times. So to answer your question, the pills get things going but it's hard to know how your body will react. Best of luck and I hope you get your infection treated asap! 

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    I've never posted here before but have lurked this entire time and wanted to respond to your post. 

    I recently gave birth and was induced via dissolvable tabs as well. My first dose only dilated me to 1cm so I was given a second dose four hours later. The second dose dilated me to 3 cm which was enough for me to get the epidural (I didn't want to feel ANYTHING lol!). After I got the epidural they put me on pitocin. I don't remember if it was another 4 hours later, but I was at 6 cm the next time they checked me. The epidural made me drowsy, so I ended up falling asleep at that point, but I was in labor for a total of 19 hours.

    I do remember the nurses saying that baby's heart rate was dipping every time I had a contraction, which made me nervous, but everything turned out okay and baby girl was happy and healthy. 

    I wish you luck with your induction and baby! Hope you get rid of that infection asap! 

    ETA: I just remembered that my water broke as the nurse was inserting the second dissolvable tab. Then, once I was put on pitocin, she checked me 2 hours later (not 4 like I had originally thought) and I had dilated to 6 cm. Not sure if my water breaking had anything to do with how quickly I progressed with the pitocin or if it was the pitocin itself.
  • Good luck to you! I'm scheduled for induction tomorrow and I'm so nervous! I'm praying my favorable cervix results in a quick and 'easy' induction. I'll pray that yours goes smoothly as well. ❤️
  • I was induced last Monday. I was put on pitocin and dilated from a 1-6 in 3.5 hours. At that point I asked for an epidural because the pain was more than I could take. I then dilated the rest of the way in about 2.5 hours. I started using a peanut ball after there was no progress after an hour. My water broke on its own 3 hours after the pitocin started and then everything got going pretty quickly. 

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  • I'm supposed to call today to see if I can fit in for an induction tonight. If not, I will be induced Monday night. My cervix is not favorable, but I've been measuring ahead the whole pregnancy and my baby is already quite large. Hoping my baby drops and cervix becomes favorable and starts dilating. I really don't want to end in a c section. But if I do, at least she will be here.
  • I go in tomorrow at 5A for an induction. I'm 3cm and 75% effaced. Praying things go quickly and smoothly. I will stick to guns and go without an epidural, some of the amazing birth stories helped me to have the confidence I can do it since some of the mommas on here were able to with theirs. It's so nerve wrecking but it will be comforting knowing my babe is safe and finally here. Good luck to the mommas still holding out! You are doing an amazing job!
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    I am really pleased with my induction experience, and it was long and drawn out. i started with cervadil and moved on to pitocin. I had an epidural as well. It was a lot of medication to move things along, but it was what worked for me and I have no regrets. Do what works for you and feel good about it.

    also, I always get tons of inspiration and assurance from the birthwithoutfear site. It's very positive, supportive media.
  • Hi there!
    I am also being induced on March 1st at 4pm and couldn't be any more nervous. I was so hoping things would happen naturally. I have had 3 stretch and sweeps and am currently 1.5 cm dilated, my cervix is soft 1cm long and 0.5 cm thick and the baby's head is 2/5ths engaged. Good luck to you, we will do fine!
  • Being induced on Monday the 29th at 41wks, Leap Day Baby. Also nervous about it and feeling a bit guilty. I'm 3cm, 75 effaced but have been this way for a few weeks and have grown really uncomfortable. Had membranes swept on Wednesday but no contractions so far. Come out baby. Good luck to all of us. 
  • 2-3 cm here, as of Thursday. They don't really measure how effaced you are here, but the midwife said soft and easy to reach. I'm scheduled for induction on Tuesday, March 1st at 42 weeks on the dot if the little man doesn't arrive on his own before then. Looks like I'll be able to start pitocin immediately if the induction needs to happen.

    Come on out, little man!
  • See I'm a bit scared to be induced on tuesday. They will be starting the process with cytotec which I've read can be harmful to the baby. I will only be 40+5 weeks but the infection I have is spreading to other parts in my body so I need to have him. Praying he comes on his own before 4 on tuesday.
  • Today's the day... I've never been so excited and nervous in my life. Being induced at 4pm! 
  • Hope all goes well! My doc wants to induce me on Thursday, we will see what happens.
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