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Crazy train

Ok so I am sure there are a few related posts however I could not find them and on point I was getting to impatient to keep looking. I have officially boarded the crazy train. I am at 34 weeks and I can't control a thing. I have an amazing hubby who is supportive and patient but I just want to wring his neck sometimes. Things that would always irritate me before are 100x worse now and I can not stop crying. I cry over everything - I don't feel depressed what so ever which I have read in other forums seems to be a trend, I just feel mis understood and it drives me crazy. Little example I read about hemmeroid cream and freezing sprays and how they might help after delivery. I put it on my list of things to buy and my hubby thinking he "knows everything" says you don't need that. I lost it - and how would you know??? I think doing my research on what is trending in other mom to bes bags is a little more helpful than him telling me I need or don't need something. There I was crying in wal mart -.- asking him how it felt when he gave birth last. That is just one minor example and everything he says seems so unsupportive to me even though I know it's not and I know he is just being more on what he believes to be the realistic side of things. I just don't know how to handle it and I hate bringing things up sometimes because I know I will start crying and he'll laugh or something (nervous laughter) and then i get more upset and the attitude comes out then he gets mad and t's a disaster.
Anyways rant over just needed to vent and see what everyone else is going through  - i don't have thoughts of depression or that he is going to leave me or doesn't love me which I am grateful for. I just feel nuts and like it is all out of my control. :(

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  • We actually have a BFM (Bitch Fest Monday) that this would go perfectly on, just a few posts down from yours.
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  • I'm right there with you on that crazy train. My kids are seeing the FBD (fire breathing dragon) in me. To my credit, they've been extra stir crazy lately, but I've been yelling and getting angry so easily. 
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  • Skcobb said:
    Depression doesn't always rear it's head in the same way for every person. Being angry at the drop of a hat, or crying randomly CAN be signs of it. I would bring it up to your Dr. Even if it is nothing, it doesn't hurt to discuss. 
    So much this. Irrational anger was the way I was diagnosed with clinical depression as a teenager. Since I'm not medicated (I was for a number of years, but learned to cope without it), this is the #1 thing that I look out for in myself because it is almost always an indicator that I was relapsing.

    But aside from that, I'm 100% on the hot mess express with you, too...
    I second this!!! I have this problem sometimes even when not pregnant. Luckily I've learned over the years how to spot the beginning stages for me and I can tell DH it's starting and we both start doing and saying things to get me back to my normal self. 

    One of the things I find helpful (like really helpful) is when DH says something that pisses me off I will jusy stop. I  stop walking, stop talking, I dont look at him, I stare at some meaningless object, and I mentally work through my reaction and emotions.  I breath deeply, sometimes close my eyes, I look at my first reaction and ask myself if that blind anger is the reaction that equals to what was said. Usually my first reaction is unhelpful and will either piss off my husband or scare him. Neither of which I want. Then I just continue to mentally go thru my emotions and form my response. When I am able to do this it is beneficial for both of us because I can calmly explain my feelings and why that item or situation is important. Since I can be calm while explaining it my DH respects the response more than if I just yelled and cried. Mind you, I still have times were I am not calm and I have freak outs but it does help a lot of the time to remind myself in the heat of the moment to calm down and it's not worth going off the deep end lol
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  • @TKaiser91 I'm so going to try that approach. Right now when I'm getting worked up I just halt the conversation entirely and restart it later. It's taken a few years to get my fiancé to understand that I'm not being irresponsible and ignoring the situation by doing it that way, because if it is important it does come back up. I think that's solid parenting advice too...
  • It's the hormones, which is also driving me and my hubby BSC. I usually spend my afternoon commute crying in the car.
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  • @Knottie9983816 i did that for a year. Just stop the conversation, walk away, and start it back up later. But I learned that sometimes when I did that I continued to think on it all day and my mood would usually get worse until the issue was resolved. Then one day we were arguing and I just couldn't anymore. I wanted to walk away but I also wanted to finish the conversation because I didnt want to deal with it later. That's when I changed my process to thinking about my emotions before things got out of hand. It has helped tremendously when I do that. Hopefully it helps you too!
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  • well ladies, lots of helpful information. Thanks and I will be thinking about these different approaches when the mood strikes again. I find it makes him feel bad which makes me feel worse. Anyways thanks again and wishing everybody the best and healthy pregnancies. 
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