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It's March ladies !!

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Well March has arrived ! The long awaited month when most of our babes will arrive. I just wanted to say "cheers" to our group, the second, third, fourth and fifth time moms who have answered and quashed anxiety for the FTMs, cheers for the support, love and in some cases genuine concern that has been shown for each other, cheers to the new babies who came before their time and are just adorable.
Cheers for the jokes, anecdotes and giggles along the journey, cheers to those stretch marks (that appear at 37+5! Gah!) and cheers to those hairs that cover your belly making you look like a bear! (Why were we not told told about this !) Cheers to the skin complaints, that pregnancy glow that never bothered to show up ! Cheers to the day long "morning" sickness, the food aversions, the weight gain, the health scares and all those nasty cramps! The sleepless nights of insomnia, the frequent bathroom dashes and even the ( piles). Cheers to the well intentioned advice, the mother in laws and friends who know better, cheers to the ever depleted bank balance and losing another closet in the house ! To those that threw us baby showers or didn't ! To the husbands that didn't understand or understood too much and did so well to cover their own anxiety for 9 months. Cheers to our bodies for being such amazing machines, capable of something so wonderful, yet beyond comprehension ! Good luck to you all ladies and thanks for sharing this journey ! We got this ! 


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