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9 month old nursing less

My son is just over nine months and has eats solid meals 2-3 times a day.  He has started reducing the amount of formula he drinks considerably, so I had over 20oz left over from last week, for example.

The KellyMom site says babies under 12 months don't self wean but I think my son is a lot less interested in nursing, and sometimes outright refuses. The reliable nursing sessions are the evening and 3am ones, and usually an afternoon one or two. Each time, I think he gets 4-5oz, possibly 6-7 in the evenings. 

My estimate is that he drinks around 20-22oz per day (although I don't know exactly, I do know that he used to drink 32oz when I was away for a work trip, and now he drinks quite a bit less).

Is this normal? Is he starting to self-wean? Should I encourage it or insist on nursing? I've just been letting him do his thing, but if I continue to do that, my supply will surely adjust down.

Re: 9 month old nursing less

  • Kelly Mom is a great site, but for the site to say babies "never" do something at a certain age is being a bit one-sided. Babies do things at all different ages, and I've heard of babies self-weaning as early as six months (from STMs in my birth month club.) So, it's entirely possible that your LO is beginning to self-wean.

    As for what to do about it, I think that's a question for your pediatrician/doctor/medical professional.
  • I'd suggest a nursing session before you offer solids. That way baby isn't too full to nurse. 
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  • Thank you, both! I do offer all the time. Today he was more interested than over the weekend. We shall see...
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