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one year old sleep help!!!!

So my son just turned one and he is not sleeping through the night anymore. He started out at 3 weeks old sleeping through the night and when he gets sick he doesn't sleep through anymore (understandably). However when he wakes up we just bring him into bed with us, so now he wakes up and wants to be in bed with us. How can we stop this? Last night was difficult, I did try to rock him back to sleep instead of bringing him into our room. He would fall asleep, so I would put him down and he would wake up immediately. I never really wanted to bring him into bed with us, but when we are so tired in the middle of the night we just give up. Any tips would be wonderful!

Re: one year old sleep help!!!!

  • Like I just said in another post, you have to be consistent night after night, no matter what, or nothing will work. I know you are all tired but it will take a few nights of having him stay in his bed to break this habit. My DD got used to me rocking her in the MOTN when she would wake up and she would start crying the moment I put her in her crib but I had to just put her in and leave the room. Eventually she laid down and went to sleep and she stopped waking expecting me to hold her. (She's my 2nd child and my baby so of course I enjoy the MOTN cuddles but I couldn't keep doing it night after night).
  • My LO started great at STTN, occasionally she has periods of waking during the night. I am a CIO supporter as much as it pains me when she cries. But otherwise they won't learn how to sooth themselves. I will go in if she cries for a period of time or stands up. A few times when she had a particular rough night I would redo her a night time routine a little, so I would chance her diaper, do lullabies, etc and keep the room darker and  just calmer. I'm a FTM so I'm still figuring this stuff out too so hope this helps :)
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  • It's normal. Baby sleep patterns constantly change for the first 18-24 months. He's one. He could be going through a growth spurt, regression, teething, meeting milestones, separation anxiety. I would just comfort him however he needs it. I am a huge believer in following babies lead/cues. We bed share and wait to transition when our daughter is developmentally ready. If you don't want him in your bed, have you thought about using a mattress or pallet on the floor in your room? That way he is still close by but not in your bed. Sleeping and self soothing is developmental and they will learn with they are ready. It is exhausting but it's part of being a parent. 
  • First time mom here also. My 18 month old has stopped sleeping through the night, so I feel you! Every night at bedtime he just screams and cries. He tries to get out of his bed and deliberately hurts himself if we don't get him quickly, so cry it out is not really an option for us. We've tried just about everything. We had him sleep trained, and then he got five teeth at once. Overcame that obstacle, then he got sick. Now, he hates bedtime and it's always a struggle. We wouldn't mind him sleeping in our bed except that he doesn't actually sleep when he's in our bed, at least not very well. He just kicks us and pulls my hair all night long. Tomorrow we're going to give the big boy bed a try. Maybe a fresh start with a new bed and a firm routine will help. Good luck with your little one! By God's grace we will survive!

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