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tips on weaning 14 month old off breastfeeding

hi everyone...
my LO is 14 months old and still breastfeeds... however i've come to the point where i just want my breasts back, i don't really enjoy breastfeeding anymore. how can i get him to stop? 

Re: tips on weaning 14 month old off breastfeeding

  • My LO weaned at 9mo, but I read that a baby gets VERY attached to things around 15-18 months.  That is why I weaned from from the bottle at 12 mo and onto whole milk and we are now on a sippy cup with no difficulties.  I don't have any other advice from weaning because 9mo is very different from a 14 month baby.
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  • I'm going to begin weaning from breastfeeding and bottles onto whole milk at 12 months also (LO is currently 11m). Any advice on how you did it PP?
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  • I was ready to stop BF my last when he was about that age too.  You didn't say off often he's nursing.  After 1 years old, my kids were only nursing morning, nap and bedtime.  Naps were easier because over a long weekend my DH took them up for nap and after a few days a new routine started.  Same idea for bed.  Of course we made sure they were eating enough during the day and when they woke up in the morning instead of me getting them, DH got them and I'd have breakfast waiting for them at the table.  None seemed to mind when they realized they weren't skipping a meal.  Nighttime was a bit harder (for both of us).  I never substituted a bottle at night time because then your doing one habit for a bad habit.  The week prior instead of nursing in their room, nurse down stairs.  Then have DH take them up for story time and rocking.  After a week, stop nursing and you can take turns reading a story and rocking to sleep. 
  • My little one is 18 months, and while I thought the breastfeeding was tapering off, it is now more persistent. I let her feed extra when she was sick, and now that she is better she wants to feed all the time.   I'm pretty relaxed in my parenting style and figure she will eventually start naturally weaning again, but I agree that it might be easier to stop at 14 months than 18 to 24 months..
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    At 1 year I had to suddenly stop BFing my BFO baby since I unexpectedly had to start taking medication that would pass to the milk. I picked up my baby and bottle not knowing what to expect. He looked at me, looked at the bottle... Took a little sip, smacked his lips and said "Hmmm, not bad" LOL - and then drank the rest of the bottle. He never looked back :'( . I think it worked so well cause It was right when he woke up in the morning and he was hungry, and also, I knew that I had no choice - We just had to go cold turkey.
  • My 18 month old is still nursing (only at bed time), so I don't really have any advice, I'm just interested in what others say. I'm  ready to reclaim my boobs too! 
  • I only planned to BF for a year and I'm still nursing my 15 month old. Wish I had some advice, but I need it myself!
  • Hmm the being really attached could make sense. We started trying to wean about 14.5 months because I found out I was pregnant. We're 16.5 months and have had a pretty rough time. It's good to celebrate that unless she's teething, we're getting better sleep at night. I'm just not sure I can wait 1.5 more months. Any ideas? Would you just hold where things are with the feeds you have but not try to change things? I wish I could find a paed that could advise!
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