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  • Month / Cycle: 19/2ndAL

    CD / DPO: 19/3

    Timing: -1 and +1

    Testing Plans: 10 DPO or a week ago 

    R / R / CS: I'm glad I took a break this month from monitoring, IUI and medication. I feel happier and healthier and ready to move to IVF next month if this cycle is a bust. 

    GTKY: What is one of the items on your bucket list?
    World cruise. I'd love to see Greece, France, Turkey, Spain, Italy Scotland, Ireland and Iceland 
    DS#1: born Dec 29, 2013 
    TTC#2 since Sept 2014 - unexplained secondary IF
    BFP #2: 11.7.14  M/C: 11.27.14 @ 6w3days
    BFP #3: 04.19.2015 M/C 04.27.15 @ 4w3days
    BFP #4: 10.05.2015 C/P @ 3w4days
    Oct 11, 2015: Cycle 13. Starting Femara (2.5mg). HSG this cycle (all clear) - BFN
    Nov 12, 2015: Cyle 14. Femara 5mg + IUI - BFN
    Dec 10, 2015: Cycle 15. Femara 5mg + IUI #2 - BFP #5! C/P 4w4d
    Jan 10, 2016: Cycle 16. Femara 5mg + IUI #3 - BFN.
    Feb 10, 2016: Cycle 17.  No IUI or meds. Taking a break - Natural BFP Mar 5, 2016!!!! EDD Nov 16, 2016
    Moving to IVF March 2016
    Beta at 10dpo: 21, Beta at 12dpo: 98, Beta at 14dpo: 264, Beta at 16dpo: 745
    U/S 6w6d: single beautiful heartbeat of 121bpm - It's a boy!!!!
    Nov 3, 2016: Our family became complete. Welcome DS #2.
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  • Month / Cycle: 6/6

    CD / DPO: 27/8

    Timing: -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0

    Testing Plans: No specific plans as of now, I suppose if I have a good reason to, maybe on DPO 13? LP is usually 12 days. 

    R / R / CS: Just want to rave that I'm so happy I finally joined TB and started participating! Posting on the boards has made this cycle not quit as awful. It's been really nice "hanging out" with women in the same situation. So, on the flip side, my rant is that I waited so long!
    GTKY: What is one of the items on your bucket list? I think I just mentioned this on a recent GTKY about travel, but one bucket list item I have is to visit all seven continents. Three down, four to go...
    Me: 33 H: 37
    June 2015: TTC #1
    June 2016: SA = MFI (<1% morph)
    August 2016: HSG + Bloodwork = all clear
    September 2016: Clomid + Trigger + IUI = BFN
    Nov/Dec 2016: IVF (ICSI + FET)
    12/2016: FET; DS1
    9/2018: FET; CP
    11/2018: FET; DS2
    2/2021: FET; CP
    5/2021: FET; TBD 

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  • @aammyy33 CD66 here. I'm not going anywhere! I still post on most boards, with the exception of WTO, because I'm not! But I'm also not in the TWW. (At this point I know I have a better chance of seeing a pig fly than getting a BFP). So I don't post here every day. I also have an OBGYN appointment in two weeks, so we can commiserate together. Let's be honest, two weeks is a freaking eternity right now! Im also on the cusp of the sixth month slump. So I know you're probably feeling as BSC as I am. Keep posting!! 
    Me: 30 MH: 31
    9/15 - Married! / TTC # 1
    4/16 - Non-Insulin Resistant PCOS / hsg = clear tubes/ SA = normal 
    5/16 - Letrozole 7.5mg + IUI = BFN
    6/16 - Letrozole 7.5mg + IUI = BFN
    7/16 - Letrozole 7.5mg + IUI = BFN
    8/16 - Letrozole 7.5mg + IUI = BFN
    9/16 - Gonal-f 150iu + IUI = BFN
    10/16 - Gonal-f 75iu, Menopur 75iu, Prednisone, Low Dose Naltrexone + IUI = BFN
    4/17 - BFP Natural Cycle before IVF
    EDD: 1/6/18
    Baby Boy Born: 12/14/17

  • JasTay8JasTay8 member
    edited February 2016
    @NurseMarie9I don't know whether it's better to be slightly optimistic and say you're not out until you're out and AF comes? I know that I've seen lots of charts where there were negatives before 12dpo and some people only test positive really late (e.g., 15dpo). But I don't want to just throw a bunch of false hope and rainbows and sunshine at you so it could also be that this just isn't the cycle. In which case, I'm sorry :( But I have my fx for you right now!!

    @Lecool sorry you're facing the same frustration! I am glad to know that someone feels the same way though! Fx for you. 

    @felix08  I feel exactly the same way about the support here! I find that I'm not ranting in my head (or even worse, to DH) as often now, knowing that I have a bunch of people to share my thoughts with here!

    @LittleStreem That looks like such a gorgeous place! I think you just added something else to my bucket list! 

    edit: messed up a tag

  • @aammyy33  To echo what PP have said you can hang out anywhere you feel comfortable.  When I briefly stopped charting due to a family emergency I camped out in the Benched thread until I was ready to join up with the WTO thread.  

    Month / Cycle: 8/8

    CD / DPO: 18/3

    Timing: -3

    Testing Plans: I'm not sure.  I will try to hold off to 12 dpo but the last few cycles LP has been really short (5-8 days).  I have an appointment with a new OB/GYN in mid March for other concerns but I think I will bring it up if this month has another short LP. 

    R / R / CS: Rave: My chart is actually looking pretty good in terms of thermal shift.  I'm pretty happy considering last month was the first anovulatory cycle I've ever recorded.  Our timing wasn't great but it is better than nothing. 

    Mini rant: I was a total twatwaffle yesterday; I got snippy with DH about our timing.  He travels a lot for work so because he happens to be home this month I had the expectation that we would be maximizing BD opportunities.  Between very long days at work for him and unexpected visits from friends life got in the way of BDing and I got frustrated, resulting in the snippiness.  We're good now but I just feel terrible for some hurtful things I said.  

    GTKY: What is one of the items on your bucket list?
    Driving the US from coast to coast, which DH and I will (hopefully) be doing this summer.  We plan to visit friends/family across the US in the process.  
  • @JasTay8  Thank you, I really appreciate it! FX for you too!
    Me: 30 Him: 31
    TTC #1 since January 2016
    Aug '16: Hyperprolactinemia - tx: Cabergoline
    Aug '16 SA: Mild MFI - low count/concentration
    Feb : RE Consult - labs all normal
    March: Repeat SA (MFI) & HSG (clear)
    April: Clomid 50mg + Progesterone, IUI #1 = BFN
    June: Femara 5mg + Progesterone, IUI #2 = BFN
    Aug: Femara 5mg + Gonal-F + Progesterone, IUI #3 = BFP! EDD April 30th

  • Month / Cycle: 1/1

    CD / DPO:  26/unknown

    Timing: piss poor 

    Testing Plans: None 

    R / R / CS: Had some slight spotting today, so AF is right on time. Expect her either tomorrow morning or the next. Excited to be done with this and move onto cycle 2 of TTC, because our timing will be MUCH better now that we're not sick anymore lol. 

    GTKY: What is one of the items on your bucket list? I would love to be a voice on The Simpsons haha. That's the only thing I can think of righ tnow. 
  • Month / Cycle: 2/2

    CD / DPO: 19/4

    Timing: alright 

    Testing Plans: none yet 

    R / R / CS: I got my dog back!! 
    I had to give her away 2yrs ago after DS was born, she was escaping and it was just cruel to keep her tied up. I always stayed in contact with the person who had her, but she's having issues with barking/wandering and neighbours at the moment so needs someone to mind her while a run is built, guess who that someone is!!! :-D I'm so happy!!

    GTKY: What is one of the items on your bucket list? 
    Road trip around Australia!
    Me - 22  |   DH - 32   |  Married - 24 May 2014
    DS - January 2014 
    TTC#2 - December 2015
    BFP - 6 March 2016  |  MC Confirmed - 21 March 2016
    TTCAL  |  April 2016
    CP  |  June 2016
    CP  |  July 2016
    BFP - 25 August 2016  |  Due Date - 11 May 2017
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