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Pain around belly button

Hi ladies,

I'm 27 weeks and I'm experiencing some pretty uncomfortable pain around my naval. I've done some searches and the most common reasons seem to be skin is stretching and causing pain, or I'm experiencing a growth spurt that is causing pain. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Today it was so bad I couldn't stand up straight fully and had to run a warm bath...which seems to be easing the pain now thank god.

I just thought it was a bit odd that the pain was specifically around the naval. Very sensitive and sore to the touch. Almost feels like an interior bruise...if that makes sense..

Re: Pain around belly button

  • Back around 18-22ish weeks, I was pretty sensitive around my belly button- especially when LO kicked in that area, but not quite to the extent that you're experiencing.

    Hope it feels better soon! If not, you might want to check w/ your OB.
  • Yeah, I've had pain around my belly button too. I'm 31 weeks now and it seems to be much less now than it was a few weeks back. I do think it is normal but if you're concerned it can't hurt to call your OB! 

  • I had some belly button pain around the same time too. I think it was due to stretching and growing because a few days later I could feel the baby above my belly button. 

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  • I have occasional pain around my belly button too but as PPs have said, it seems like it's stretching and growing pains. Mine hasn't been severe enough to call my doctor but I always think it's best to call to put your mind at ease if you're worried. 
  • I have had the exact same pain you're describing. I am 29 weeks. I am constantly getting kicks in that area, and  assumed it was maybe some bruising! But like PP's have stated, call your doctor if you need to put your mind at ease!
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  • Thanks ladies. Yeah i figured it was probably normal it's just easy to freak myself out! Especially as a FTM. If it continues or gets worse I'll definitely call my midwife.
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