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STMs: Loud Concert Too Loud?

I've used the search bar and read everything I could find, and I've Googled all over the place only to find mixed answers. Some say this *is* bad and some say not to worry. But I'm so worried!

Last night my hubby wanted us to have a date night and he picked a restaurant that was going to have a live reggae band. When we got there the only table available was right by the stage. I got really nervous that the music might be too loud but hubby told me not to worry. But when the band started up, OH MY GOD! It was so loud that the seats were vibrating, my belly was vibrating, and baby freaked out the moment the music began with what felt like a spasm followed by quite a bit of movement. I started panicking and googling the effect of loud music on a fetus. Some people warn that although amniotic fluid helps muffle high frequency sounds, it can amplify bass frequencies. And there was mega loud bass going on! I'm so stressed out now that I might have damaged baby's hearing! We stayed for three songs because DH kept trying to assure me that it shouldn't be a problem and baby would be fine, but I was panicking so we finally left. Now I'm still worried....

I've read a bunch of stuff but I want to know if there are any STMs who went to loud concerts while they were pregnant (especially if they went during the 3rd Trimester) and had healthy babies with no hearing problems... or if they *did* have hearing issues, either way-- any stories that might ease my mind or otherwise let me know that I may in fact have caused an issue... Am I crazy? Is this no big deal? Or should I be worried? I have an appointment in two days, and will definitely ask the midwives then, but any personal stories or advice would be appreciated!

Re: STMs: Loud Concert Too Loud?

  • I've been to concerts and very loud sporting events later in my pregnancies and everyone is fine.  Your clothes + belly + fluid muffled the sound for sure. I'm sure she heard it and it startled her but I highly doubt it did any damage.
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  • I attended 3 concerts, along with being in bars listening to my husband's band, and all is fine with my guy. 
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  • My cousin went to multiple concerts all throughout her pregnancy, right up through 9 months.  Her child is now 3 years old without any hearing issues.
  • Thank you all! That helps so much to know. Your experiences make me feel a lot better... Hopefully LO's spasm was just her being startled...
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