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Good Sam, Bethesda or Christ?

Hi Cincinnati ladies!

It is fairly early for me still within the first trimester but with choosing your OB/GYN… comes choosing your hospital. So I have a few questions for you! I’m considering Good Sam, Bethesda and Christ. Would you be able to answer these questions for me please?


Which hospital did you give birth at, and how long ago?

Did they have a NICU? If so, what level?

Did they have a private post-delivery room? If not, how many people did you have to share it with?

Was your partner allowed to stay with you overnight?

Was it policy to room with your baby?

Did they have a nursery?

How long was your stay? What was the food like? Lol

Were there any restrictions on who could be allowed there with you during birth?

Did they offer any things to take home? Binkies, blankets, etc.

How was your experience there overall? Would you recommend them?


I know they’re a lot of questions but I need all the honest input I can get! We’re in the works of setting up hospital tours but I just wanted some honest feedback from people that have been there. Thank you in advance! 

Re: Good Sam, Bethesda or Christ?

  • I had mine at Miami Valley. However twice pp I had to go to the hospital and good sam was the closest. Both of my experiences were not the greatest. I didn't see the actual labor and delivery rooms because I already delivered. But one night they were so crowed it was a 5 hour wait for me to be seen. While in the waiting room they had 4 woman in labor with no rooms for them. I felt terrible for them. The 2nd time I went in I got in a bit sooner because it turns out I still had some placenta inside. Tmi I know! But again they were so full that in the waiting room woman were in labor waiting for a room to become available. Now I've heard their nicu is one of the highest which is why they are popular. But it's ridiculous that those woman had to labor in the waiting room.

    I have friends who have delivered at Christ and liked it. However Christ has the highest c-section rate in the area. I've heard depending on the doctor, you have to fight for the kind of birth you want. With that said though my friends had the opposite experience and enjoyed it. So I guess just make sure to talk things through with your doctor to make clear what you want.

    Good luck- sorry if this wasn't too helpful.
  • Christ does not have a NICU. I'm delivering at Good Sam in January. They have a level 3 NICU. I haven't seen a room there that you have to share with someone and yes your partner can stay overnight. They do also have a nursery. That is all I am sure of right now. I can let you know more next month lol
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  • Good Samaritan with both my babies (ages 6 and 4) and again with this one (27+ weeks)

    Good Sam has the only level 3 NICU.. My daughter needed it and I'm so thankful we were there. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

    Private rooms, yes my husband stayed with me overnight (they have a pull out bed) 
    They had a nursery. You could room in with baby or send to nursery. Completely up to Mom. 
    I stayed 3 nights, 4 days both times (c-section) Food was great. We got a lot of stuff to take home, you want to take everything because your insurance is billed for it anyway. Diapers, wipes, blankets, etc.
    I am closest to Mercy and absolutely hate that hospital and their policies. I'd never go anywhere but Good Sam. Overall wonderful experiences with fantastic nurses.
  • Also to add, I had c-sections with both mine and they were "gentle c-s" .. You can google.. Baby never left our side, watched them come out, held right away. This was possible because of awesome policy at Good Sam : )
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