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Metformin anyone?

Tried this on the 1st trimester board but no bites lol... Anyone else on Metformin? I was on 2,000mg a day but cut down to 1,500 because I couldn't stomach it. Well, this morning I forgot to take my pill. I do one in the morning and two at night but I actually didn't throw up at work for once lol... I'm going to talk to my dr but if you are on it, has your doctor mentioned when you are stopping? Last time I went to my RE it wasn't my actual dr so I'm going to call tomorrow to ask. 
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Re: Metformin anyone?

  • Hi!  I was on Metformin for fertility purposes.  My Dr. recommended that I stop at 12weeks.  You should definitely talk to your Dr. though about when to stop.  

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  • I'm hoping I can stop at 12 weeks! I got back Friday for my last appt with my RE so I'm going to make sure to ask.
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  • I'm not too bad the side effects make me nauseous but I just try to ignore it . I mean it's not easy and I really don't like the medicine but what with morning sickness and tiredness the metformin just adds to the all round feeling out of whack.

    Just keep thinking to yourself your end goal - having that healthy beautiful baby . That's what makes me stomach that pill.

    My doctors said 12 weeks, if she advises longer , I will do that too .
  • How's everyone finding the metform
  • The metformin? I feel that the side effects are being masked by all the pregnancy side effects lol. As all of a sudden it's become bearable 
  • @MrsB627 - if you have to be on it for a while yet, ask your doctor about Glumetza.  It's the extended release version, so it's coated.  I took that a while ago for my PCOS because I just couldn't stomach the Metformin.  It was much kinder to my intestinal tract.
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  • My RE had me start to taper off and my last pill is Tuesday. I'm praying I won't have to go back on but 1 pill a day hasn't been too bad.
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  • I've been on metformin for a while and am now 5 weeks pregnant. My doctor said to continue until 12 weeks. My only real side effects are gastrointestinal. Fun fun. 
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