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Asking to be induced

I have a bit of a situation and will be talking about it to my OB on Tuesday at my appt. I was told that at this appointment I will be given my induction date due to high blood pressure. It was going to be last week of my BP was any higher, and I was told I can be safely induced at any time (I am currently 37+6.)

I just found out last night that my dad who lives about 16 hours away had a heart attack and is not doing very well but still stable in the hospital. There is nothing I can do to get to him right now, but I was thinking of asking the doctor to induce me soon so that I can get to him sooner. I just don't want to be given a date a week in advance and have to wait to go and visit. Based on the situation with my high BP and the fact that the doctor already wants to induce me, is this something they would accommodate? It's definetly special circumstances but I thought I would try anyways.

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  • Well if they said you can be safely induced at any time it's definitely a possibility. The general idea is that the longer the baby is in utero the better is it for him/her but you are technically being induced due to a "complication" so it might even be better. Discuss it with your doctor and see what s/he says.
  • I would ask.  I can assure you people have asked to be induced for less legitimate reasons than what you just stated.  Personally, I'd seriously try to make it to 39 weeks if possible, but you have to consider your dad as well.  How will you get to see him 16 hrs away with a newborn?  Just genuinely curious how that would work. 
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  • I think of your dad is stable (even if he isn't doing great), I would hold off any plans to be induced until at least 39 weeks. But at this point your BP is going to dictate that so if it continues to be high, they'll likely induce you soon anyway, right? So you should know tomorrow if you'll be induced for high BP or if you need to make a choice about asking to be induced for non-medical reasons. I'd just wait until after tomorrow's appointment to start worrying about any of it. 

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  • I would also ask how favorable you are for an induction. If you're not favorable and try to induce early, there might be a higher chance you end up with a csection. Aside from trying to see your dad with a super new newborn, it'd be a heck of a lot harder to do recovering from major abdominal surgery.   I'm feel so sorry you're in this position; best of luck to you and your dad.


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  • Thanks everyone, I will ask my doctor and see what she says, if she says no at least I tried. If I can get induced I would drive to my dad, not ideal with a newborn but my husband will be with me to help with driving.

    @Christine&;Chris what kind of criteria do they look for to see if you are favourable? I wonder if they have gone over with some of this already with me. You're right, having a c-section would probably prevent me from going right away in which case I would be better off waiting!
  • Sorry that you're in such a harsh position. I'd also opt to wait it out. I know it's not ideal to wait but my fear would be an induction that results with in a c-section and nicu stay for baby. Then you'd end up with not just one loved one in the hospital to stress and worry over but you'd be worrying about your dad's AND baby in the hospital. Don't count on being able to travel after a c-section either. It may take you quite a few days before you can move around your room much less travel. 

    Neither situation seems ideal but is it possible to stay near your dad's hospital and have an ob tend to you over there? Best of luck to you and truly sorry about your dad.

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  • @elle, they like to see some movement towards natural labor. So, thinning (effacement), dilation, baby coming down before they start the induction.  Your doctor will give you a better idea of what they like. If you're 0%, 0 cm and with a "floating" baby....that can be a real tough inducement. You're body's telling you it's just not ready.


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  • I just had a friend who had a c-section and she was not allowed to drive for several weeks after. Just something to think about as it could be a possibility. 

  • Good luck tomorrow @elledriver88 !!

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  • Good luck with everything, baby and dad. Fingers crossed for a smooth induction tomorrow! 
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  • Good luck and FX
  • Good luck today! I hope you have a smooth delivery and recovery, and likewise for your dad's recovery!
  • Hope everything went well. Now I'm curious for an update. 
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