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Rec your reusable nursing pads

Please rec your reusable nursing pads.

Last baby I used the simple cotton Nuk ones, but I didn't have enough and hated the disposable ones so want to get one more set for this baby.  There seem to have been some advances since my last baby.  Are the bamboo ones worth it?  Anyone like the Lily Padz?


Re: Rec your reusable nursing pads

  • I don't leak very much but I love the washable organic bamboo ones. I just put them in a delicates bag to wash. 6 months in and they've held up great!
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    I use the lansinoh brand and like them.  Whatever you do don't buy the medala brand.  They have a huge seam right down the middle that is incredibly uncomfortable especially early on when you're sore.

    ETA apparently my memory is horrible.  I actually have the Avent ones @klirwin82 shows.  Wow I suck.  Haha
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  • Loved these Avent ones, soft cotton on one side and a lace design on the other. They got softer with each washing and came with a little laundry bag to keep them together.

    Nuk brand was ok, nothing special but I much preferred the Avent.

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