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1st Trimester

Facial Rash

so I ended up today with a red, itchy rash all over my face and neck. My doctor said to take 50mg of Benedryl and my husband looked it up online and apparently is not all that uncommon. Has anyone else been experiencing this? I'm 7 weeks along.

Re: Facial Rash

  • I just got it this morning, someone else posted on a rash earlier too. My face is all red and I'm dealing with extreme morning sickness on top of it. The last two weeks have been bad. Sorry you have to deal with rash, hope others have some answers. Glad you posted this.
  • My rash was gone this morning but my eyes were all swollen. Since I had to go to work I couldn't take any Benedryl (makes me super loopy) but by the time I got home my eyes were back to normal. Weird, but apparently normal. I wish I had better ways to help! Have you found anything helpful for your morning sickness? I've found ginger tea and chews to be helpful as well as eating small amounts very few hours, instead of the normal 3 square meals.
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