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Best hospitals / where to deliver in South Austin.

I'm 7w 3D and I know it is early but I'm a planner. I am looking for recommendations on where the best place to deliver might be in south Austin? I'm about a mile away from Saint David's South Austin on Ben White.

Re: Best hospitals / where to deliver in South Austin.

  • Hi!  It might be a little out of your way but I'm delivering in May at Lakeway Regional.  We live near the Y split in Oak Hill.  My obgyn office only delivers there and Seton SW.  Lakeway's pretty new and have all kinds of great on-site support available for any kind of emergency and immediate post-birth assistance.
  • I'm in south Austin but delivering at St. David's Women's Center. It's a great facility. I've been with my OB there since I moved to Austin and have had nothing but positive experiences so far.
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  • I delivered at Lakeway Regional in August and had a great experience. The rooms were really nice and they dont have a nursery there so everything is done in your room, delivery, measurements and all care. We toured the L&D before and that made a huge difference for us so maybe you could try that at the different hospital and find what is comfortable for you. 
  • Seton off 38th. Alternativelt, Brackenridge is a level one trauma center, meaning they can handle whatever comes through the door! Obviously I hope you have a very easy pregnancy and delivery, just giving info. You can look up the different hospitals to see what level they are all rated too. Hope that helps.
  • Skip St. David's South. St Davids Main (32nd street at I-35) or St David's North Austin Medical Center are consistently recognized to be the best hospitals to give birth. Bonus, unlike Seton, they are NOT catholic so you can get your tubes tied or a D&C if you need it.
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  • I haven't heard great things about St David's. However when I was having some pregnancy issues early on I went to Seton SW and they were wonderful!! The nurses there are incredibly attentive and kind and caring. If their L&D dept is anything like their ER, I would definitely recommend them. Unfortunately my doctor only delivers at Seton Main so that's where I'll be going. 
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