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Wedding with 10 month old?

A couple issues I need advice on. Sorry for the rant. 

1) Would you bring a 10 month old to a wedding reception? (Not the ceremony, I would never do that). It's my brothers wedding and the baby is invited. 

2) I am in the wedding and im getting a little frustrated with how much time they are expecting me to take off work. I live 3 hours away. The wedding is on a Friday, so i have to take off Friday (this one is totally understandable and im more than happy to take time off to come to the actual wedding). Then the rehearsal is the Wednesday before that, so now I have to take off Wednesday and Thursday. The wedding shower is on a Sunday night, so I have to go in late on Monday (in not driving home at midnight). She's also mad at me for not taking an additional THREE days off to go on her bachelorette party trip last week. Keep in mind I have a 5 month old. I would like to save my vacation days for spending time with my baby. Would it be bad to skip some of this stuff (ie the shower and rehearsal) and just go to the wedding? 

Re: Wedding with 10 month old?

  • I live across the country from my best friend and am Matron of honor in her wedding next month. I have a 13 month old.  I skipped the shower but went out of my way to attend the bachelorette party.  I will then have to fly back to attend the rehearsal and wedding.  If I was in your shoes living 3 hrs away, I don't think it is too bad to skip the rehearsal and shower.  You have a 5 month old baby and they need to understand, especially if you are back to work full time.   Who plans a rehearsal on a wed night and shower on a Sunday evening anyway?!
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