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Low progesterone levels

Hi all,
I am just shy of 6 weeks. I had my second round of blood work yesterday, and my doctor called first thing this morning and said my progesterone level was low and they wanted me to come in right away tomorrow to get me on a supplement. She said my hcg levels looked okay though. I'm so scared I'm going to lose this baby. Has anyone had this problem? Did everything turn out OK? I do have a hormone imbalance as well. I am so afraid to lose the baby I'm out of my mind! 

Re: Low progesterone levels

  • I took 200mg suppository every night till about 12 wks. I am now almost 31 wks. Just know that progesterone won't necessarily prevent a MC. It helps support a pregnancy till your placenta takes over. Best of luck, stay positive and congrats!!
  • Thank you!!! Praying...
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  • Try not to worry! I was on progesterone supplements for my first trimester and Im now 20 wks and everything looks good.  Be happy your doc is on top of things and trust what they tell you.

  • I am currently on suppliments because we went through fertility treatments. I have heard so many positive stories in places where it is used more often than the us. It is a bit uncomfortable but so so worth it if even for the piece of mind
  • I had to take progesterone for the first 12 weeks of this pregnancy because my levels were low. I'm now over 15 weeks along and baby is growing beautifully. :smile: 
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  • ***lurker here***

    I had to do the progesterone suppositories until 12 weeks with DD.  She's now 4 1/2 :smile: 
    Hang in there!

  • I had to take progesterone supplements til 11 weeks because I had a corpus luteum rupture which can cause low progesterone but I was never actually tested for it. If your Hcg levels are good then you should be fine and be glad it was caught before you started bleeding. They can be a pain but it's better than the alternative. Goodluck, positive T & P sent your way!
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  • I'm currently taking the progesterone suppositories because my first test levels were scary low. They jumped up on the second test, so hopefully you'll have the same results!  
  • I was on p with my first baby and now with this one ..
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