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TW - Possible loss, bleeding and cramping at 5weeks

I know this is something that is frequently discussed here, so please forgive me. I've done a search and can't really find the info I'm looking for, and I'm not sure where else to turn at the moment. I am about 5w4d going by estimated O date. Yesterday I started spotting light pink which progressed to red bleeding with small clots (sorry if TMI) with probably moderate cramping. The bleeding started out as spotting but got to be somewhat more than that. I wouldn't say it is enough to be considered "period" bleeding, which is why I'm unsure of what to do.  I called my doctor of course and they sent me for blood work, which I got back today and my beta level (not sure if that's the right word) is 497. I know that means nothing on its own. I can't get blood work done again until Monday. I know there can be other culprits, but I have mostly resigned myself to this being a MC.  I have called my doctor a few times sort of to update them on what's going on and I am not getting much info back from them. They are only saying to call if I have "severe" cramping and period like bleed. I don't have "severe" cramping to my mind. To me that means doubled over in pain and I definitely am not there. I also have something that I would consider to be less than a period but considerably more than spotting. I know you all are not doctors, but I'm looking for some advice. My question is I ok to just sit tight until Monday with all of this going on? If this is a MC, I know they can't do anything but should I insist on something more than just waiting? Also, I've read that a UTI could be the culprit. If that's the case, is it something that would be really bad to wait on for the several days until I get more answers? Sorry for the novel and again really sorry if this is something that's been addressed or is inappropriate.
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Re: TW - Possible loss, bleeding and cramping at 5weeks

  • At 5 weeks, your US would be inconclusive,  so yes, just sit and wait is the only option.

    Why can't you grt another beta before Monday? 
  • Thanks so much. This is my first pregnancy and I'm overwhelmed by this. My understanding is just because everyone is closed for the weekend and there would be no one to read it anyway.
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  • Sorry you're going through this. Unfortunately you can't do much at this point except sit tight and wait to take another beta. Spotting can be normal or can be an indicator of something more serious, we can't tell you which it is in your case. Hoping it's good news for you. 

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  • Thanks so much. This is my first pregnancy and I'm overwhelmed by this. My understanding is just because everyone is closed for the weekend and there would be no one to read it anyway.
    Many labs are open daily, so even if it is not read until Monday, getting it 48 hours after your first will be more accurate than waiting till Monday.
  • I tend to agree with that and I'm not sure why they are ok with me waiting until Monday. My only guess is that they are more interested in seeing if they go up at all or if they go down. The doctor didn't say anything about the numbers doubling which I know is important. She kind of indicated that I would have to do this a few times. I've been in such a daze that I haven't been asking enough questions. I suppose if they go down we'll know, and if they go up we'll have to do this again to see what's going on. They really aren't very forthcoming with much info. Most of what I know comes from TB to be honest. I'm an epic lurker. Thanks again to both of you.
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  • Also, just realized this was unclear-- the doc told me to go for the blood work Monday because no one would be around, and put the order in for then to the lab. I don't think I have the option to go earlier.
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  • I'm sorry you're going through this!
    Unfortunately, with HPT being able to detect pregnancy at such an early time. It's nerve wracking for women if or when something goes wrong. Like your situation. I don't have experience with this but would like to offer positive vibes for you and say good luck! 
    5 weeks is too early to have an ultrasound and see anything at all. Therefore, it would just waste your time and money. Just sit and wait till Monday and distract yourself. Which I know is easier said than done.
  • I agree with PPs. There is nothing more you can do but wait till Monday. An US won't show anything and theres nothing they could do if its a MC.  Try to relax, stay hydrated, and put your feet up. If it's something like a SCH they would probably put you on pelvic rest (which is basically no sex/exercise). Good luck!
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  • Clots, cramping and bleeding as you know isn't a good sign. All you can do is wait. So sorry :(
  • Thanks everyone for the kind words. 
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  • @LurkyNurky so sorry to hear you are going through this it can definitely be scary and anxiety provoking and waiting just sucks! My heart aches for you as you have to sit in the unknown but I agree with the PP to stay hydrated and try and do some things you really enjoy this weekend and take good care of yourself :) 

    My thoughts and prayers are with you! I also don't know how your dr works but when I log into my medical chart online I am able to send a direct message to my OB and nurse with questions or concerns I have. If you have one you could always send in questions you think of after your appointment as well :) 
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