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refuses to poop in the potty! help!!!!!

I'm so desperate to try anything! I began potty training6-7 months ago with my son! He was so ready and at first he only would go poop on the potty. He would tell me and then go! The pee thing was harder. Then he started to get it after a few weeks! But regressed and quit pooping on the potty. Soon he was fully trained no accidents some not even at nights!!! I thought well he just hasn't quite got the both down together. I rewarded for success, occasionally!!! And then others praised and both were just great for him. But it was not clicking! Soon he never would poop at all in the potty. He will sit on the potty and then go in his pants, or say no I don't have to go and 5 min later come tell me he went in his pants. He had been wanting a bike so my parents got him one, then I said if he wanted it he would go poop. For a week it worked we gave him the bike he was ecstatic! Then not even 1 day he began in his pants again. Bribes, ignoring, self cleaning, talks of where it all goes, I'm telling you no matter what he won't do it. He'd much rather go in his pants. I'm tired of cleaning his undies!!! After 6 months of this I'm so out of ideas! Help!!!!!!!

Re: refuses to poop in the potty! help!!!!!

  • Just wondering if you have found any success? I am going through basically the same thing right now with my DD. She just refuses to poop in the potty. Trying not to stress about it too much though. Hope you have had some good luck!
  • With our son, we bought a bunch of little toys (matchbox cars mostly) and gave him one every time he pooped on the potty. Idk if something like that would work for him though. Good luck.
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  • I've heard that sometimes kids have a hard time because they associate the poo with being part of their body. Maybe reading some books about pooping with him and helping him understand where it comes from and why it leaves our body? Maybe a book like Everybody Poops? Or my son likes the book You Can Use the Potty cowritten by Dr Sears. 

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