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My immune system is NEVER this surpressed. This is my 3rd major sinus infection since September. I am not sure how people deal with this every year. I am using saline solution, sudafed and mucinex. Any other suggestions besides tylenol for my splitting headache?!

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  • Put your hands and feet in as hot of water as you can stand and put an ice pack on your neck. I don't know about sinus headaches but it works on my migraines
  • I know how you feel. :( I got like my 5th cold this pregnancy a couple days ago. Can barely sleep at night now (and I wake up at like 4 am wide awake anyway!) and so sick of being sick... I've noticed though with colds and such that the more you take medicine the less it works.. I'm not sure if it will help with a sinus infection but I've found that taking grapefruit seed extract helps your immune system get over a cold faster. You can buy a small bottle at whole foods I believe and put like 10-15 drops in a cup of tea a couple times a day. I plan to go out and get some tonight. I've also heard something about pineapple being good...
  • I feel your pain. I get sinus infections quite regularly. Unfortunately the only relief I get is after treating with an antibiotic. If you haven't already, talk to your dr. An antibiotic will probably be the only way to get rid of the headache or else it will just linger around. Feel better! 
  • I have also been sick almost constantly since Thanksgiving. I am so tired of being sick. I also have been taking Mucinex, sudafed and doing a saline rinse. When I ask my doctor about it she just tells me to treat my symptoms as best as I can with the "approved drugs" list. The only time she gave me an antibiotic is when I got an ear infection and my ear drum burst from all the fluid in there (NOT FUN). I really wish I could give you some advice but unfortunately I can't! Just know you're not alone! I'm hoping that if I still have this crud after baby comes that there is something they can give me to help me get over it for good! Good Luck and I hope you feel better soon!! 
  • I am so sorry that you have to go through this and I got pretty sick twice throughout this pregnancy.  The last time was so bad that my teeth and gum started hurting.  It took about 5 weeks for me to recover and it was just plain terrible.  My doctor told me to take emergenC once to twice a day on top of my prenatal vitamins and take the "approved drugs" to help to relieve the symptoms so I could get some rest.  Another home remedy I learned is onion.  If you can coughing, you can cut an onion in half and put that on your bedside. Also, steamed onion water and add honey to help soothe your throat.  I actually do this with my toddler too when she is sick.
  • @irenewslee  thanks! I had that same kind as my last one. My upper teeth hurt and I was a mess. Thankfully this one's already beginning to subside. I think I am doing nasal rinses enough and then helping clear it out with sudafed. This has been the most tolerable of the 4. 
  • @nicole103109 I absolutely HATE the nasal rinse.  Or I'm just really stupid and don't know how to do it properly.  But what ends up happening is that my nasal was so congested that nothing came out the other way, and I had leftover saline water in my ears that took a few hours to clear out.  I guess the salt helps to disinfect my sinus a little but I didn't see it being very helpful for me.
  • I've been sick from 28 to 36 weeks.  I got a cold/sinus infection at Christmas and had to take 20 days of ammoxicillian.  When that didn't do it, the doctor gave me a z-pack.  I still have an ugly cough and keep another sinus infection at bay with mucinex.
  • @irenewslee  that sounds terrible! I just put some saline in each nostril let it drip back for a moment and then blow my nose. And I just repeat it a million times and then it starts to help. Thankfully this one isn't too brutal I'm feeling better already but I was petrified it was going to turn into the last one I have too much homework to do to deal with fatigue from that AND pregnancy lol!
  • I have been sick with this for about a month. I even had antibiotics that did nothing. I am so scared I will still be sick when I go for my csection in 4 weeks and will be coughing like crazy still. I might try the onion thing as I am sooo desperate for some relief
  • Apple cider vinegar and raw honey does wonders. Also probiotics will help as most of our immune system is in our gut. Also adding Vitamin D will help your immune system as well. Feel better!!!
  • I have been lucky enough to avoid getting too sick this time until this week and now I'm MISERABLE. Things that I'm finding helpful too: humidifiers, Trader Joes cold pressed juices (chugging a million of these - not sure if they actually do anything but they seem to make me feel better), saline, eucalyptus oil and feet rub, EmergenC packs and just lots of liquid in general. 

    As as if I wasn't done with pregnancy in general now I am truly DONE. Give me real meds and wine, please!! 
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