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My LO is almost 5 months old and I just weighed myself today and I weigh less than before pregnancy which is exciting. However, I still have a "mom pooch" and I just feel weak. I'm 5'7 and 122lbs. I need to tone up and start lifting some weights! anyone have any advice on where I should start? should I be doing cardio and circuit training ? or skip the cardio?

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  • A little cardio never hurts, but to tone up and gain muscle (which is ultimately what toning up is) you will want to lift weights or do body weight exercises! I would start small, with 3-4 days/week. Pick 5-6 exercise moves and do 3-5 sets of 6-12 reps for each move. Take a break in between each set. Something like this:
    - bench press: 8 reps, 3 times
    - push ups: 10 reps, 3 times
    - weighted squats: 6 reps, 4 times
    - burpees: 10 reps, 4 times
    - lunges: 12 reps, 4 times
    - scissor kicks/flutter kicks: 12 reps, 4 times

    But of course there are a ton of different exercises you can use! And if you join a gym with a lot of machines, this becomes even easier as you just pick a machine and go for it :) good luck!
  • Yeah I agree a little mix of cardio and weight exercises will really help you. Going to the gym will really give you that motivation to try all the different machines and you can even ask someone that works there what machines they would recommend you start off with. I personally love the ab and leg machines as my strength exercises and for cardio I enjoy doing the elliptical and steps machine. I already feel my body getting more toned, my stomach flatters and my legs gaining muscle. So try that!
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  • I love the tone swimming/aqua jogging gives my body. I also love that I don't have to count sets or really think at all. I just do.

    I also love that no one talks to me while I'm swimming. I get an hour of alone time. Bliss. Obviously if you're looking for the social contact you might get at a gym then that might not sound so blissful to you :)

    Elizabeth 5yrs old Jane 3yrs old

  • Try yoga or swimming! 
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