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In pain and close to giving up

Hi all, 

LO is 4 weeks old and I've been EBF, no pumping except once when engorged in the first few days. We've been doing well up until and has been paid free up until a few days ago. I guess we've both gotten lazy about ensuring a proper latch and now my nipples are red and painful, but not cracked or bleeding. 

I've educated myself about a proper latch and have been making an effort to make sure we get it right, which is hard due to bad habits we've formed. But it still hurts some even when I'm sure we've got it right. 

My hope is that this pain is due to already existing sensitivity and that it will go away now we're doing it properly again. Do we think that is true, and if so how long might  it take? Or am I still not getting something right? 

Thanks x

Re: In pain and close to giving up

  • I had a lot of pain at first. My LO is nine weeks now and it is just starting to get to be routine and to the point where I don't dread nursing. Everybody is different, so it might not take you that long.
  • It took us between 6-8 weeks to really get the hang of it.  He's now 15 weeks and I couldn't be happier that I didn't throw in the towel.  I found different holds to be more beneficial to our latch than others so do some experimenting while your LO is awake during the day and before getting hungry and grumpy.  You can always see a lactation consultant as well as they are full of info and probably have a lot of little tricks to make things easier!
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  • Could it be thrush? 
  • Your nipples might just need a little rest. Mine were torn up after the first few weeks. I used a nipple guard for a day or so then went back to normal. That helped give them time to heal. 

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  • Make sure you are holding LO close and getting a good latch. In the early days, when my nipples were sore, I loved Lansinoh gel soothies. I kept them in the fridge so they were nice and cool when I used them. 

    You can also express a few drops of your milk and rub it on your nipples at the end of a feeding. That can help with soreness too.

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    I had a HORRIBLE cracked nipple and really focused on making sure we had a good latch and watched tons of videos and dedicated a lot of time to making sure the latch and positioning was right. When I was feeding it still hurt horrible and like you I couldn't tell if I was still doing it wrong or if the pain was just from the damage that was already done. I kept feeding and the crack started to heal and as it did the pain lessened! I wouldn't give up yet if it's something you really want to do and just really focus on making sure you're getting the latch right :) 

    also it did take at least a week for the pain to lessen maybe a little longer but now at almost 6 weeks it's becoming pain free! 
  • I agree with what PP said about breast milk on your nipples. I used that instead on lanolin and it was less work and helped a lot. I also had extreme pain issues in the beginning. I'm talking couldn't even touch my nipples with a towel after my shower they hurt so bad. For weeks I had pain while nursing and thought it was because they were already sore. Then one day LO latched and there was no pain, it was unbelievable! I soon learned that when she really latched correctly there was zero pain after the first minute or two. It took about a month after she figured out how to latch great until I no longer had any pain. But now, at 16 weeks, I am so so happy I pushed through and stuck with it! It is so rewarding, especially because it was a big stuggle at first.
  • I had thrush and it was brutal. I'd rule that out asap because it's a real bitch to clear up. I'd say visit a lactatation consultant or la leche league for advice and make sure everything is okay! Good luck!
  • Definitely check baby's mouth for thrush, it looks like white patches on the inside of the lips/cheeks/tongue.  It can infect your nipples as well and cause pain while nursing.  
  • Did you see your PCP to get treated? I'm wondering if this is what is going on with me. Why about your LO? Did you have to make a separate appointment or did one doctor prescribe medicine for both? My LO is sleeping so I haven't checked his mouth but I will as soon as he wakes up.  The pain has come on suddenly and my LO is 7 and 1/2 months old. 
  • Def follow PP advice and check in with an LC or your doc about other causes like thrush. 
    if those are ruled out, have you tried something like TendHer pillows?


  • If it isn't thrush and just sore nipples, it's okay to take a break for a day or two. Every once and awhile my LO will ruin one side so I just pump it and either use it for freezer stash or to feed when she's hungry. 
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