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7wk old nursing troubles

Just wondering if it seems normal for a 7wk old to only feed for 5-10minutes and rarely want the other side? I don't know if my daughter is just efficient or a very light eater. She also pulls off constantly while eating and rarely latches and stays latched the whole feeding. The evenings are the worst with her fussy periods she rarely ways to eat at all. She has plenty of wet diapers but I could pump after each feed and still get 4 ounces. It just seems like such a struggle to keep her latched and feeding for a sufficient amount of time and I have tried the lactations recommendation of laid back nursing with no difference. If I give her a bottle she will usually only take 1.5-2 ounces also. I guess I'm just getting frustrated and unsure that she is getting enough especially of the hind milk. She doesn't have a weight check for a couple weeks for me to find out if she is gaining enough. Just wondering if this sounds normal to anyone who has been there already.

Re: 7wk old nursing troubles

  • If you are worried, you can adjusts call to make an appt to check her weight...you just have to pay the copay. You may just have oversupply...she may be pulling off because flow is fast.  

    It might be worth it to have her evaluated for a tongue tie. A lactation consultant can watch her feed and see what's going on. You may be able to ask your pediatrician for a referral...most states don't license lcs though so you might have to pay out if pocket. :(
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  • My LO only eats one side, and often for a very short amount of time.  She is just a very efficient nurser and I have oversupply.  I second the pulling off being related to letdown, my LO does that as well.

    Have you done a weighted feed?  A LC can do it with you, or you can even do it at home if you have a scale that measures ounces.  Weigh baby before feeding, clothes and all, and then weigh after feeding without removing any clothes or changing diaper.  The difference in ounces by weight is the same number of ounces of milk you baby is drinking.  If her diaper output and weight gain are good, I wouldn't worry and just let baby nurse how she wants.
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  • This is exactly what my baby does! I have an oversupply and overactive letdown (I think) He only eats from one side and almost never more than 10 mins. We've been doing this about two weeks and he is still having plenty of diapers and from what I can tell gaining weight so I am not worried! He will be 7 weeks on Tuesday. 
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