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Cluster feeding - Now with Vomit! Question

i have a 10 day old who cluster feeds 3-4 times per day and spends the rest of the time soundly asleep. So last night he worked himself up into a more than normal feeding frenzy and kept acting like he was STARVING! I already can't keep up with him on breast milk, so I'm supplementing with formula. He's above his birthweight, but is still only 7 lbs 2 oz or so. When I feed the little piglet, I have to stop him to burp as he does guzzle as fast as he can. But last night he just kept eating until he threw it all back up during his couple hour or so feeding frenzy. He was fussy and went through a few poopy diapers, so maybe he had gas too? He was back to his normal feeding routine this morning. Any ideas on what caused him to overeat? How do I keep him from doing this?

Re: Cluster feeding - Now with Vomit! Question

  • Our DD has over ate since she was born. We use super slow flow nipples still and she's 3 months. We supplement with formula as well as i don't make enough for her. You may have been soothing him with food instead of something else. Sometimes we do this with DD as she cries we assume she wants more but I slow her down and watch for cues. He may have just been so upset and was worked up that he puked.
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    As long as your baby is spitting up and not vomitting I wouldn't worry. Spit up will come out "gently" with not a lot of noise and he's probably not spitting up anywhere near as much volume of milk as you think. If there is projectile vomiting that's a different story and you should call your dr. 
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  • Have you looked into pace feeding when you bottle feed? Sometimes babies can get too much too quickly from a bottle and don't register when they are full.
  • Yes, we are pacing him. I pull the bottle away and burp him every ounce or so. This mainly happens to dad now as I think he's mistaking hungry for the need to suck.
  • Sometimes babies mistake their tummy hurting for hunger!  At Christmas (4 weeks old), my LO was super fussy and I kept offering her the breast and she kept eating and then fussing and eating and fussing, and then on the way home in the car, she spit up a huge amount and was suddenly happy as a clam. Have you tried offering a pacifier?  He may want to keep sucking after he is full.  You could also try gripe water, which can help a little tummy ache.
  • Yes, he's used a pacifier pretty much since he was born. He doesn't use it for more than a few minutes at a time, usually when he's going to sleep. I seem to have gotten the overeating under control he's paced and burped every ounce. Last night I stopped DH from giving him more breast milk as he had just had 3 oz and that's a whopping amount for a 2 week old! The newborn club at the hospital said he was eating a little more than average, but they weren't concerned since his weight is normal. They said he's just going through a growth spurt.
  • And thanks for all your suggestions. It sure is tough to get a newborn fed! And they're all different so what worked with my nieces doesn't work with my son. 
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