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Baby sex wives tales debunked

I just thought this was interesting....

I just had a baby girl a week ago.  We never found out the sex of the baby.  Throughout my whole pregnancy I was having random people come up to me and asked if I was having a boy, among several who told me it's a boy.  I did not look pregnant from the back and only had the ball right out front which is a common boy belly.  This is how I carried my son so I also assumed the same.  I checked the Chinese gender chart which also said I was carrying a boy.  I would have been happy with a boy but was very excited when my baby girl was born.  I never had any morning sickness or crazy mood swings which they say is common when pregnant with a girl.  Has anyone else experienced this, thought they were carrying a baby of one sex and it ended up being the opposite?  Just curious.  

Re: Baby sex wives tales debunked

  • Nearly all the wives tales pointed to a girl, 20 week and 36 week ultrasounds revealed and continued to confirm that it was a boy.

    Better be a pretty boy though, he's "stolen my beauty" this entire pregnancy which is supposed to be a girl thing. 20 week ultrasound also confirmed he has my nose so... (;

  • None of it has any scientific basis. The thing is people say these things and remember the times they are right but they never remember when they were wrong. Every pregnancy is different. Notice all the bad things are associated with girls too, girls steal your looks, morning sickness worse with girls, fat all over with girls. I think people just favored boys way back when.
  • It was so annoying after awhile.. Lol. Those smug sure looks of hidden "knowledge". 
    For every time I heard someone say I was having a boy " because... ", I'd heard that I was having a girl for the same reasons.
    People are strange.
  • Guessing the correct sex isn't much to brag about considering your odds of being right are 50/50.
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  • We didn't find out either and I carried and felt exactly the same as I did with my first, who was a boy. I was really hoping for a girl but sometimes thought perhaps it's another boy because a lot of people were saying that since the pregnancy felt like the first, that it would be the same sex. Well I had a girl. The Chinese gender chart was accurate in predicting both of my pregnancies so for the next one, I'm going by that and not the us tech. Haha!
  • My girl defied all the old wives' tales, too! I carried all front, had minimal morning sickness, craved sour foods like pickles and olives, the Chinese gender chart was wrong, etc.  I never had a really strong feeling one way or another, but my husband thought she was a girl from the 20 week anatomy scan (we did not find out her sex till she was born).  Everyone at my work told me I had to be having a boy!  
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