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separation anxiety. moving baby into own room

Ds is turning 6 months in a few days and since he was 2 weeks old we have slept on our queen mattress on the floor next to his crib in his nursery. His crib wouldn't fit in our room and he wouldn't sleep in his bassinet. We are moving our bed back into our room tomorrow and im so anxious about it! Since Christmas ive been just letting him sleep in bed with me after his MOTN feeding due to 4 month sleep regression and rolling over.. but i want to try and stop that and see if it helps him sleep better by keeping him in his crib all night instead.

Anyone have luck transitioning from co sleeping to moving baby into other room? Part of me thinks he will be fine but its the fear of the unknown thats killing me!
DS 8/13/15 
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Re: separation anxiety. moving baby into own room

  • We made the transition about a month ago and it has gone very well. DS slept in our room with us from the beginning and at first it worked really well, but by the time he got to 5 months it had turned into a full on needing to nurse to fall asleep nightmare (not to mention the creeping around our bedroom holding our breaths because we were so afraid to wake him). By that point he was sleeping in bed with me because he was waking up every hour or two and demanding to be nursed in order to fall back asleep. After agonizing over it and reading everything out there and getting super confused and feeling so guilty and also sad we bit the bullet and sleep trained him in his crib in his room. It took 2 nights and now he is waking up once, sometimes twice between 8pm and 7am. It was definitely stressful and emotional and the first couple of weeks I was awake just as often to go check on him or stare at the monitor but it has been way way better for both of us. At least for us it has seemed that showing him that he has the ability to go to sleep on his own has been overwhelmingly positive and we are both getting some real, much needed rest. Ill also say that after 6 months it feels really nice to be able to have a few hours in the evening to just be an adult with my husband. Good luck!
  • @bgrant172 glad to hear it went well for you. Are you still feeding in the MOTN or can baby fall back asleep without? That sounds amazing!
    DS 8/13/15 
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  • @atthemoment I've struggled a little bit with knowing what exactly the right thing to do about MOTN feedings is because there's a lot of information and opinions about when to night wean but basically i play it by ear. He is breastfed, we only just started cereal and I really hate the idea of him trying to put himself back to sleep if he is really hungry so I'll feed him once or twice in the night. Usually i decide to feed him if he's up and it's been four or more hours since he's eaten or I try and let him put himself back to sleep and he just gets more and more upset (also I'll take into account how much he ate before bed). Since it's only one maybe two times at the most and he goes right back to sleep I can deal with it. It was so hard to decide to go through the whole process and we are still figuring it out but it's been so worth it!
  • My husband and I are planning to put our son in his own room too. I am also concerned about it. He sleeps in a "co-sleeper" next to the bed, but wakes up demanding boob to go back to sleep about every hour. At about 3am I usually give up and let him sleep in our bed with us. He sleeps, but husband and I don't because we are worried about waking him, or blankets covering him... Ect. So I think it is time to transition him. I have no clue if this will help, but I have been trying to put him in his crib for his daytime naps. It doesn't usually work for me because he wakes up as soon as I put him down, but I thought maybe it would make waking up there less scary? Anyway, looking forward to hearing how it goes for you.
  • The first two nights after we moved into our room I just brought him back into bed with me in the middle of the night when he woke up but last night I put him back in his crib after his feeding he woke up around 1 to eat and then again at 4 a.m. so two times over the night he woke up not so bad we'll keep trying!
    DS 8/13/15 
    Blessed  <3o:)
  • We are in the same boat. She is waking up once every 1-2 hours to nurse and I'm thinking the crib might be the way to break it. She has the cosleeper in our room but she has been in bed with me most of the time since she is constantly waking. At this point I just want a little bit of space and will take a wake up once or twice a night and walking to her room. It's exhausting doing what we are now. 
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