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Homemade Baby food-what type of produce do you buy?

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Do you buy organic, fresh (non-organic) or frozen? I was gifted a baby bullet and it said to buy organic veggies. Is that really necessary ?

Re: Homemade Baby food-what type of produce do you buy?

  • I plan to at least buy the dirty dozen organic.  I've been getting most of his produce fresh from Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, but I'll use things like mango or green peas frozen.  The way I figure it is, his little system is so new and underdeveloped, I want to expose him to as few toxins as possible.
  • I did some frozen, some organic. There's lists (you can Google it) of the best produce to buy organic. Like apples yes, but avocados no. 
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  • I believe it is most important to buy things organic if you eat the peal (berries, grapes, peaches) and less if you don't (bananas, avocados). Honestly with DD1 we started out with organic everything and transitioned back to mostly non-organic and it's not really that big of a deal. 
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  • I only use fresh and try to get organic- but if I can't, because we live in a small town with limited supply, I will use non-organic fresh food. I also use the organic baby food from time-to-time, especially when I want to try her on something before I make a batch. 
  • Regular fresh. I'd buy organic if we could afford it.
  • Do you buy organic, fresh (non-organic) or frozen? I was gifted a baby bullet and it said to buy organic veggies. Is that really necessary ?
    We haven't started solids yet, but I'd say it's totally up to what you want your family to eat in general. We hardly ever buy organic, so for me it's not necessary to do organic specifically for baby. We only do fresh in our house because I think frozen veggies are gross, so that's what baby will get too.

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  • Regular fresh for things in season and peel them. Frozen for others. I use frozen peas, peaches and mangoes. I use baby carrots. I use regular apples, sweet potatoes, squash, etc. and peel them. 

  • Thanks ladies! 
  • I use organic and regular fresh non-organic equally. If there's a good sale on regular fresh food, I jump on it. I haven't tried frozen yet 
  • We haven't started LO yet, but we try not to give DD1 things off the 'dirty dozen' list unless they're organic, we'll do the same for LO. Fresh if it's in season, frozen otherwise. I also use only organic dairy. Other things we only do organic if it's the same price (like local produce or bananas).
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  • I do as much organic as I can afford, especially the dirty dozen, I realize it's a lot more expensive but the more I read on the subject the more I think it's important to do as much in organic as possible. I also use frozen but fresh is easier to deal with in my opinion, as long as it's not canned because of added sodium etc...
  • A friend suggested when we start solids to do something like Bountiful Baskets (who have both organic and non organic basket options). It sounds like a great way to introduce a lot of different foods too baby and they eat seasonally along with you. 
  • We haven't given LO solids yet, but we'll do the same as we do for us, which is as much organic as possible (fresh and frozen). I have multiple digestive system issues so clean eating has become especially important to me. We love Whole Foods produce. 
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  • Like PP said, I do a little of both organic and non-organic 
  • So far, I've done sweet potato and banana. The sweet potato is home grown, the bananas are not.  I don't typically buy organic. We'll be starting peas (frozen) and avocado next.  I typically use fresh, outside of peas. 
  • So far, trying to keep it organic :)
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