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Best High Risk/ C-Section Dr.

I live in southern PG County and work in DC. I am 6 weeks and considered high risk...I have fibroids and adenomyosis and had IV. Because of my surgical history, I need a C-Section. Any recommendations for good high risk doctors? My preferred hospital affiliation are Washington Hispital Center, GW, Georgetown and Holy Cross. Thanks ladies! Blessings and best of luck to everyone!

Re: Best High Risk/ C-Section Dr.

  • Hi MamaMiaZ12,  I do not have any recommendations for a C-section doctor as I do not have this experience; however, based on my experience with my last pregnancy, I recommend The Center For Fetal Maternal Medicine in Annapolis, specifically Dr. Lantz. I also hear Dr. Sweeny is excellent, though I do not have experience with him. I know this is outside of your preferred hospital affiliation, but I thought I would pass on the information.

    *loss mentioned* I live in North Anne Arundel County and work in PG county, so it is a drive at least twice a month. My last pregnancy ended in loss at 26 weeks (severe IUGR from 18 weeks) and I can honestly say that I believe they did everything scientifically possible to have the best possible outcome. They also knew when to say, 'I don't know' or recommend another doctor. Before I became pregnant with #2 (I am 8 wks, high-risk now), they made sure all necessary tests were completed to figure out what happened in my first pregnancy and met with me before I conceived to come up with a  'treatment plan' (proactive). I have a rare clotting disorder that they are treating aggressively in this second pregnancy, a decision which I also respect and agree with.  Also, they can always get me in within 1-3 days when needed. I don't care for the waiting area or front desk people, but that is not why I am there, so I overlook it.  Blessings and best of luck to you!! 
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