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Nervous to start birth control...

Hi Ladies! I'm wondering if any of you have had a good or bad experience on the mini pill? I'm exclusively breastfeeding and would like to wait at least a year to start trying for a sibling for my daughter. I read the paperwork that came with my prescription and saw it could cause birth defects if taken at 1-4 months of pregnancy. Because you don't even know that you're pregnant until about a month in, I started to worry about this. I would appreciate any feedback you may have. Thanks!

Re: Nervous to start birth control...

  • I hated the mini pill because you have to be absolutely perfect with taking it daily and at the same time. This just didn't work for me. I opted for mirena after hearing so many good things. Plus it has minimal side effects. 
  • I'd personally skip the mini pill because of what PP said above. I was nervous about getting a Mirena too so I opted for the nexplanon implant. It made me spot for over a month which was super annoying but I haven't had to worry about it since. It's fine for breastfeeding, very effective, and good for 3 years (or elss, if you want).

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