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Severe Cramping - Reassurance please!!

Hi ladies,
I'm just about 8 weeks now and today I had some mild to moderate cramping and a backache. It definitely felt pre-period to me but I googled and read that was pretty normal. An hour or so later it was getting to be so crampy that I had to lie down and put a heat pack on. I called my OB and she said mild to moderate was normal in terms of cramping but not severe. I'm not having any other symptoms that I would relate to the cramping like spotting. She said that I should take a Tylenol drink some liquids and if it doesn't lighten up or gets worse go to the ER. I'm hoping she's just being extra cautious but now I'm scared. Has anyone else had severe cramping intermittently and been told it's fine? I'm feeling great right now but the Tylenol should wear off in a few hours and I'm going to have to decide whether or not to go in if the pain comes back so strong

Re: Severe Cramping - Reassurance please!!

  • Cramping is normal. I would only worry if it was accompanied by bleeding, but that's just me personally. Listen to your doctor.
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    my doctor literally said "feels like your period is about to start, right?" when I called concerned around cramping during the end of week 7.  I had an early m/c in June prior to this pregnancy and those cramps were awful.  You will know the difference and it will be clear when it's "severe".  Hang in there!
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  • I had a MMC in 08/15 and instead of cramping, I experienced uterine contractions and spotting. That was how I knew something was very wrong. Cramping can be totally normal, so try not to worry. = ) 

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  • I think painfuleriod like cramping, bad enough to get you into bed is concerning. Don't put a heating pad on pregnant belly.  Try to stay off your feet today. the only thing you can really do is wait. So sorry, keep us posted! 
  • Yeah, no heating pads, but cramping to an intense degree is normal. Its uterine stretching. If its the worst kind you will absolutely know the difference.

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    I had cramping early on also, and everytime I mentioned it to my doctor she said it's the uterus getting used to something being in there/ the uterus stretching. I was still worried, but she turned out to be right for me. Like pp said, all you can do is wait it out. If it gets severe enough to where you think you should go to the hospital, then go. Good luck. 

    Also, try to take your mind off it. I find that the more I think about pain, the worst it hurts/ I become like obsessed with feeling every little pain then. I try to distract myself. If I can't, I take a nap. 

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  • I'm 7 weeks, and I get random period cramps all the time. Always freaks me out, but I've been told its very normal. Try not to worry (I know, nearly impossible) 
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  • I had alot of cramping in 1st tri, some of it very painful. The gp, and later my midwife didnt want to know about it unless it became a constant  pain (indicating ectopic) was accompanied by bleeding/spotting or i had a fever.  It can be very scary but it is normal!
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