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Bleeding while pumping Q

Nursing/pumping question. I've been doing both at home and work. Today my 5 month old refused to nurse on my right side. I've been trying all day and she eats enough to empty it halfway. So I just went to pump to completely empty it and when I got done noticed there was blood in the pump part. I've never had this happen before. My nipple isn't split or cracked. It looked like it was mixed with the milk. I don't know how much got in the milk. Should I just dump it? What caused this? And should I keep pumping and dumping it is it ok to still nurse? Nothing hurts so I can do either one. Thoughts? 

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Re: Bleeding while pumping Q

  • It's fine to feed it to your LO. I had "rusty pipes" when each of my girls were born. The LC said to nurse through it, and it cleared up in a day or two. But since your LO is 5 months old, and your nipple isn't damaged, I'd touch base with your dr to let them know about the blood. 
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