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Super short catnapper and possible nursing strike all at the same time?

Hi all,
My LO is almost 10 weeks old. For the past 2 weeks, he has been catnapping, naps that are only 10-20 min long. I have tried to shush/pat, pacifier, swaddling, white noise, holding him to sleep, rocking him to sleep, etc. Once he is put down into the Rock N Play or into the crib, without fail, 5-15 min later, he is crying when he wakes. He's been super grumpy lately. Is there anyway to lengthen his catnaps right now? Someone had stated that he is going through a Wonder Week and I am hoping that is the case. My poor little guy is exhausted (and so is his mommy) and overtired (showing all the classic sleep cues). I'm trying to at least transition into a flexible schedule since I will be going back to work in a few weeks, but the catnaps are messing it up...We are loosely doing the eat play sleep routine.

Second issue that just started yesterday was a nursing strike. Due to latching issues, we've been both breastfeeding and bottle feeding expressed breastmilk to our LO. It's been working really well in general until this past week and the super short naps so I haven't been able to pump. I started breastfeeding him more throughout the day instead of alternating with the bottles since I didn't have time to pump. He will latch on and suck for 3-5 min (seemingly well); however, once he delatches either himself or by me if he's biting down, he will scream when I try to re-latch him. I then switch breasts since at first I thought it was a letdown issue. Again he will latch pretty quickly, but then again once he de-latches, he won't re-latch again and screams the entire time. He goes into a "plank position" and can't be consoled unless you get up and walk around. After the last instances, I gave him a bottle which he did end up drinking most of it (about 80 ml), which is nowhere near what I know he can take (max 150 ml), but usually averages around 120 ml.

I would really appreciate any help or suggestions for either of these issues.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Super short catnapper and possible nursing strike all at the same time?

  • Could he have reflux? I hate jumping to that but maybe it's painful to eat?

    I bet you he's not eating/nursing enough and can't sleep well because he's not full. That happened to my first kid when I finally decided to stop nursing. Not saying that's what you need to do but my LO clearly wasn't getting enough milk and wouldn't sleep or settle at all.


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    does he stay asleep if you continue to hold him? or can you get him back to sleep once he wakes? if he does/you can. then could you commit a couple of days to sitting on the couch and holding him while he sleeps so that he can catch up on some sleep. 

    That way if the nursing issue is tied to, "I'm too tired to suckle strongly for milk or to deal with a strong let down," that might help solve it.

    I agree with pp that it's worth considering reflux. Reflux flared up for all 3 of mine between 10 and 12 weeks. 2 ended up medicated.

    Good luck. It's hard when they won't sleep, but it will pass and even if you have to hold him now, you probably won't have to go on his honeymoon.

    ETA  could you contact a lactation connsultant to get some input?
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  • I had a similar situation earlier this week. But my LO completely refused to BF for a couple days and only took the bottle. I saw a LC and of course he started latching at the appointment without help. But talking to the LC, I got some interesting information. I was always switching sides after a burp mid-feed, sometimes because of fast let down. She said that doing that makes it so baby doesn't get the hind milk. Hind milk is thicker and helps keep baby full longer and also help soothe the baby's gut. I think this is why my baby would sleep longer if we gave him a bottle before bed because that hind milk was mixed in with the lighter stuff so he stayed full longer. Just something easy to try. But I do recommend a LC if you're still having problems. Good luck!
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