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6 week fussy peak

ok, my baby is 6 weeks and super fussy throughout the day and especially in evenings! I'm just confused because Wonder Weeks says 6 weeks is supposed to be a "Sunny Week" but then I've been reading other places that it's the height of infant fussiness so I'm a bit confused? 

(Sorry for asking another fussy baby question)

Re: 6 week fussy peak

  • I've always heard 6w is the peak of it. It certainly was for us.
  • @yl1m32015 really?? 
    Finally someone to commiserate with.. How long did it last for you guys?
  • At 6 weeks my baby was STARVING all the time. He would eat every hour or even half hour. It was a growth spurt for him. 
  • @yl1m32015 really?? 
    Finally someone to commiserate with.. How long did it last for you guys?

    We had a rough time from weeks 5-7. Terrible colic and witching hour. Once she hit 8w she flipped a switch. Smooth sailing ever since, she's 13w now. We also switched to anti colic bottles at that time, so that helped as well.
  • 6 w is a growth spurt also. My DD gets crabby during spurts.
  • I was also told 4-6 weeks peak of fussiness 
  • Hmm... So, wonder weeks is wrong on this one
  • Wonder weeks is a great guideline but it isn't going to always be an exact predictor. I can tell my baby is going through a leap..even though he was due for a leap last week. 
  • Also, I know wonder weeks says go go by due date, but my dd was 5w early and she's on track for birth date leaps, not due date.
  • DD had a hell of a growth spurt/cluster feeding/fussiness time around 5.5 weeks. I've read that they have a growth spurt some time around 4-6 weeks. I think we're gearing up now for the 8 week one. :/
  • There is one at 8 weeks too?... Oh gosh. I hate these fussy growth spurts.
  • Its nice to know other babies have fussy evenings too I thought there was something wrong with my little one
  • I feel like DS has been 6 weeks for months :sweat_smile: 
    He sleeps all through the day, wakes up to feed and that's okay but hit 7pm he is STARVING, eats constantly until at least 1 am,  but refuses my breast after a certain time for whatever reason so I have to sit and pump.
    Praying this isn't for long
  • Research shows that 6 weeks is the peak of colic and fussiness. I would trust the research over the wonder weeks app. My DD peaked at around 6 weeks and it's been steadily getting better. She's 7.5 weeks now. From what I've read, colic resolves for many babies by 8 weeks and most babies by 12 weeks. It sucks but gets better. 
  • @jenEP So it gets better? She will be 7 weeks on Tuesday... I really hope this improves
  • Our little guy seemed to go through his roughest patch this past week, between his 7th and 8th week. Yesterday he magically got better! Happy, smiley, taking naps, not so cranky or fussy, and no more clustered feedings! He has been fussy since birth, and we suspected colic and some reflux. It was rough for a long time, and got so much worse the past week. I was assuming the past week was a growth spurt, and it looks like that might have been true. What a difference to finally get out of that!
  • 6 to 8 weeks was terrible. Loving 9 weeks for real. Hold on ladies!!!
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