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Grandparents babysitting

Just need some words of wisdom here.  My mom watches my baby girl every day (both my husband and I work)...which I know is a HUGE favor to us.  But does anyone get annoyed sometimes when they try to go against what you do for your kid?  I feel like it's hard to tell them what to do, since they're doing us a big favor but sometimes, it just gets to me...and I snap.  Does that ever happen to anyone or am I just being an ungrateful brat?

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  • I think it is completely normal to get frustrated. But whenever you feel like you might snap at your mom, calmly remind yourself how much money your mom is saving you since you don't have to pay for a nanny or daycare.

    I think that you can give guidelines for what you would like your mom to do/ not do with your LO. But I think you have to accept that it might not be followed exactly. But I think you would be hard pressed to find a child care provider that will do everything exactly like you would want them to.

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  • It can be SUPER FRUSTRATING!  You are so totally not the only one!!!  My 1 year old spends 1 day a week with my parents while I work & a few hours on another day with my MIL (thankfully we are able to have me working PT right now) My parents do a great job with her, but it annoys me that I k now they feed her bits of food that isn't what I packed & rarely use a bib.... SO of course she comes home stained & a few outfits have just been ruined. With my MIL she takes issue with DD wearing socks (bc she thinks its better for her walking without them) or does;t like the way I put her hair up (ya know that little 'pebbles' do most ppl with girls do when the hair isn;t long enough to cut but getting in the way) SO She takes socks off & hair down then tells me things like "Oh she pulled them off!" ..... OR she'll go against the amount of food I leave for her & tell me "Oh she didn;t want to eat" mind you my kid ONLY has these issues when w her & I'm not an idiot, I know she's lying.

    My advice, pick your battles. And in some cases alter your behavior. With my parents I have 'Gramma Day outfits' clothes that are already a bit stained so I don't mind if they get messy & have had a conversation about certain foods I really don't want her having yet. With my MIL I just made peace with the fact that she'll spend a few hours with her hair in her face & socks off bc it's not THAT huge an issue & I had my husband tell her that she needs to make an effort to feed her properly, thankfully she's only there about 5 hours a week, so no harm done!
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  • @BurdyGurl and @Sarcasm101 thank you!! I'm glad to see that it's a normal thing. Yeah i think it just takes planning ahead of time so the things that the grandmas do won't annoy me as much and yeah...taking deep breaths and watch what i say is best.  

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