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Nursing vs Pumping

My little one is 4 weeks now. She seems WAY more content for longer periods of time after having a bottle of pumped breastmilk as opposed to nursing. anyone going through something similar? I nursed my son until 6 months and then switched to exclusively pumping because he no longer would nurse. I'm contemplating nursing her in the morning and at night but giving bottles of pumped milk throughout the day. She seems to nurse for such a long time yet never seems content afterwards. I know she's getting t milk though, because my breasts feel emptied. Any suggestions?
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Re: Nursing vs Pumping

  • That was our problem! We switched to bottles. She gets half formula and half breast milk and is much more content.
  • My guy actually seems happier to nurse than to have a bottle (after nursing he'll fall asleep, even if just for a short period). It may be a comfort thing? He won't fall asleep after a bottle... I'm going to try to give bottles more regularly, at least a few times a week, to transition better for when I go back to work.
  • Babies do just suck for comfort sometimes. For the 1st couple months I had to pry my son off me so I could pee, eat, shower, etc. It was exhausting and I had to go back to work so he started on bottles of pumped milk,  decided he liked bottles better. I personally couldn't keep up my supply with pumping and working and was breast rejected by 4 months except for the night and early morning feedings. Every baby is different. Have you tried a pacifier after the feedings? It may help baby relax but increase chance of early weaning. 
  • My LO wants to nurse for long periods of time for comfort, especially when she's tired and fussy. She will overeat and spit it up or let it go out the sides of her mouth. I usually let her latch and then unlatch and slip the pacifier in and keep her against my breast until she's calmed down. 
    It could be that yours is just looking for comfort and a pacifier could help. I personally don't really believe in nipple confusion as my DD was exclusively bottle fed for her first 5 weeks and is now almost exclusively breast fed with the occasional bottle. We have used a pacifier since 1 week. 
  • Thanks everyone. I don't believe there's nipple confusion either, as she will take both bottle and breast, and a pacifier as well. I'm just finding that after a bottle of pumped milk, I can put her down in a seat/swing,etc for longer periods of time so I can get something done, play with my son, etc. but after nursing on the breast, I find that when I put her down she is not content and wants to be held and is still hungry less than 10 minutes later. I'm going to try pumping after I nurse her just to see what I get and see if I am emptied. I'm also going to try and give her a bottle after I nurse her to see if she takes it and how much. I'm thinking that will help me determine if she's really still hungry or if it's just coincidental.
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