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HUGE Milk Supply

I see that many more moms on here have a problem with not producing as much milk as much as they should, need, want, ect. And while I sympathize for them, it's hard to really when my breasts are so engorged all the time with little lumps from my full-to-capacity ducts.
 I can't find a damn thing anywhere on the Internet of how to get my milk supply down. My son is about to be 3 months and it's still a huge problem. Honestly when my milk came in I wasn't even in pain compared to now. I'm planning on talking to a lactation consultant but until then I'm looking for any advice and hoping to hear that I'm not alone, although I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. Well, maybe. No promises. ☺️

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  • I don't have any answers for you, but on the bright side you *could* pump to relieve engorgement and donate the milk to a milk bank. Or even sell it if you'd like. =)
  • I had an oversupply with my second. Block feeding helped. Kellymom is a great resource for bf'ing info:
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  • So for me block feeding don't help at all...then instead of both breasts being uncomfortable, one was VERY uncomfortable all the time. I did a mix of block feeding and relief pumping and that seemed to help. I'd only offer one breast to kiddo at a time (which with the over supply was all he'd want anyway) and then I'd pump no more than 2 oz from the other breast before I went to bed. (The process would take 2 feedings so that I never pumped the one he ate off of). I've also heard that cold cabbage leaves applied to your breasts can help as can drinking/eating peppermint. I ended up switchin to exclusive pumping because my over supply was such a challenge combined with a forceful let down.
  • Block feeding, reclined nursing, pump only enough to relieve engorgement, cold compresses 
  • No experience but I've read certain herbs will naturally reduce milk supply like mint and sage, I think? Also heard the cold cabbage leaf trick.
  • Try peppermint essential oil. Some moms are so sensitive that diffusing it into the air and just smelling it decreases their supply while others put drops of it into their water. I didn't learn about this until after i was done nursing my first though so I haven't tried it personally. And there are so many guidelines that are difficult to meet to donate or sell your milk.

    I had a huge supply with my daughter and only a week into nursing my son, have a feeling it'll be the same again. With her, I just pumped, built up my freezer storage, (which was needed as she grew bigger), we used the majority when i was at work. I also demand fed and had a chunky baby with rolls on rolls who doubled her weight by 4 months, 16 lbs. I only fed her one side at a time and pumped. As she started eating solid food, the supply tapered off. I think the huge supply was what kept her healthy and enabled us to nurse for more than 2 yrs before she weaned herself. Although it may seem like your a dairy cow at times, at least your baby is prob thriving, is satisfied and has a full tummy.

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