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Clothing sizes

I know many twins are delivered early. Because of this they are typically smaller than a singleton baby. My question is, at what point did your twins match up their age with their clothing size? My MIL is sending a bunch of great, cute, winter clothing, but it's all 3 months. Now when the twins will be 3 months it will still be cold here, but I'm wanting to make sure that they *could be fitting into these clothes. Anyone have advice or tips for how quickly their twins grew?

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Re: Clothing sizes

  • I think it really depends on their sizes at birth, if they come early, etc...lots of variables! Mine were born at 37 weeks... 5lbs14oz and 6lbs4oz. They're 7 weeks old and just starting to fit in 0-3 month clothes.
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    My boys were always right on the same size as their age. They wore newborn for at least a month, and When they were 3 months they were in that size, 6 months in 6 months. But it really just depends on how big your babies are at birth and how fast they grow. My boys have always been on the smaller side too. But they were both over 6 lbs at birth

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  • My boys, born at 36 weeks (5 and 6 pounds) pretty much just wore newborn sizes from the beginning. Their clothes were a bit big at first, but it was cute :) you get good at rolling up sleeves and cuffs!
    We did have a couple of preemie sized onesies for layering, but they grew out of them within the first month or two.
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  • My girls were born at 6lbs 13oz and 7lbs 6oz. They were in newborns for 2 months. They were in 0-3 until about 4.5 months. They're almost 7 months now and can still easily wear 3-6, but can fit in some 6-9 now. A lot of 6-9 are still too big. They're each about 14 pounds.

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  • I don't have my twins yet but I would say it's just hard to predict sizes. Out of my two older kids one was skinny and one was a bigger baby.
    Kohls is always good at exchanging and returning without receipts.
    I like having long sleeves even in early summer for the AC.
    Overall most full term babies seem to wear one size ahead.
  • It really is hard to tell. My twins were born at 37w4d (6.13 &7.5) and they have really grown quickly. They were in newborn for a little while but now at 6mo they are both wearing 12 month clothes & I am about to start putting them in 18mo soon. Now they weigh 23.4 and 21.5 & are 28 inches long.

    I kept the tags on a lot of stuff and as I noticed they weren't going to wear them, I exchanged them for bigger sizes.

  • Our boys were 4lbs when they were born, and they matched the standard sizes by the time they were 3 months. It didn't take long at all for them to catch up! Congrats, mama!

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  • My boys were born @ 33wks 5 days. They are 5 months old & fit in 0-3, &3month clothes & 3, & 3-6month pajamas. I think it all depends on when they are born..
  • My boys were born at 36 weeks and 0 days at 5lbs 11 oz and 5lb 12 oz. They will be 3 months on the 18th (they are 7 weeks adjusted) and they are already fitting in 6 months clothes based off of their length!  It really differs for each baby!
  • It really depends on their size at birth! Mine were 5lbs 12oz and 6lb 7oz and fit into newborn size until about 6 weeks, then were into 0-3 months. My smaller girl is taller than average so even when she could fit into newborn I'd put her in 0-3 just for the length. 
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