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I'm SOOO excited!! Baby FINALLY sleeping!!

My LO is going to be 6 months tomorrow and until this past weekend he has been waking up about every 2 hours at night. I have been doing some gentle sleep training and it has worked wonders. I am in such shock and I am so proud of my LO it brings me to tears! I am so excited and I hope his progress continues so my DH and I can finally feel normal again. After 6 months of getting enough sleep to barely function, I could not take it anymore. Friday and Saturday night he slept 12 hours! woke up 1x Friday night for the paci and about 4x last night for the paci. So today were going cold turkey on the pacifier to see if he will be able to sleep even better! ( before Nap #1 cried for 45 minutes, nap #2 cried for 6 minutes!!, I stayed at his bedside the entire time)

I think the most important thing that helped was not feeding my baby to sleep. I changed my bedtime routine up a bit last week . Around 6pm we eat dinner, LO eats about 4oz of baby food. Sometimes if he wants, a little oatmeal. Then we play. Then bath time at about 7pm. Then about 7:15pm get dressed for bed and eat a bottle. While he's eating, I try to keep him awake by singing and talking to him. Then we read a book. Then while he is still awake, I put him in his crib.   He rustles around a little bit and eventually falls asleep, usually I stay close by and reinsert the paci a couple times.  We've been working on putting him in his crib awake for about 2 months now, he's always had a pacifier. When he wakes up at night, I try to wait 10 minutes to respond. After 10 minutes, I have been reinserting the paci and he has gone right back to sleep! I am so shocked. In the past, he has not gone back to sleep, he stays awake for at least an hour. I usually responded to him right away since he sleeps in a crib next to my bed, for whatever reason I think waiting the 10 minutes really helps.

https://sleepsense.net/ I purchased the sleep program on this website and honestly It really did help us. ( I'm not affiliated with the website whatsoever).

I know there are plenty of other moms that are in my situation, try the couple things that I learned for a week and see if it helps!  


Re: I'm SOOO excited!! Baby FINALLY sleeping!!

  • Congratulations!!! A good nights sleep is so important for a mom. Glad you're getting some!
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  • Awesome! We have been up every 2 hours for the last 5.5 months too and I made the decision to stop night nursing two weeks ago. He went from waking every 2 hours to 5 hour stretches, so not 12 hours but getting there!! I'm happy for you, I can't wait to feel normal again :)
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  • Great! I'm glad you're finally getting rest :)

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  • Yay!! Happy for you!  
    We're doing a similar routine where we wait 5 minutes before re-inserting the pacifier and I think it really has helped him to try to self-soothe before I come to the rescue.  
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