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i know this is something to talk to with my doctor (and I will) but I'm wondering if anyone is breastfeeding and on an anti depressant? I read that there are a couple that haven't shown to effect the baby but I still feel a little reluctant to get on any while breastfeeding. Just wondering if any of you ladies have any experience. 


  • I am not, but my doctor is watching me closely for PPD and she said that there are options to help even while nursing, so I would assume there are some safe meds. Like you said, your doc should be able to help you. Good luck!

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  • Hi! I've never posted on this board, but I've lurked a bunch, and I wanted to share my experience. My LO is eight months now and I have been on Zoloft since he was about two months. I have not noticed any effects on him (and no side effects for me either, as a matter of fact.) It's definitely not a magic pill that "fixes" PPD, but it has really helped me to function and get through some really difficult times (and I no longer cry every day). If you doctor recommends it,don't be afraid of it. Honestly, worst case scenario is that it doesn't work for you and/or you notice side effects on you or baby, and then you stop taking them. There is really not much to lose. Whatever you decide, best wishes to you and your family. PM me if you want more info or just some more support. 
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