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xp: how long do bottle and pump parts last?

I had my first baby 3 years ago-- anyone know if bottle nipples (assuming they feel and look fine) can be sterilized and re-used a few years later?  Or do I need to re-buy everything? 

Same question with pump parts.  I'm buying new valves and membranes, but am assuming the tubing and shields etc can all be re-used (i'll resterilize obviously).



Re: xp: how long do bottle and pump parts last?

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    I reused some hand me down bottles that my nephew used (3 years ago) and we haven't had any problems. Obviously if there signs of wear that would compromise the parts, replace those.

    Editing because I just realized you're talking about pump parts and not the actual pump. I would still use them as well but if you do get a new pump, most of those parts come with them too. The only thing I'd def swap out are the membranes, like you mentioned.

  • I would personally buy new nipples for the bottles.  Over time the holes may have stretched, and I would want my newborn using the slowest flow nipple.

    also if you used your pump a lot last time, you may need to get a new pump.  The motor can wear, and loose suction.  

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