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Holy Hormones!

My DH will tell you that he actually thinks I have been easier to deal with since finding out I am pregnant. However yesterday these hormones I keep hearing about really kicked in. Holy Moly! Last night I went to a first time mom's class held at my clinic and I felt myself holding back tears through the whole thing. I don't know what exactly made me want to cry. I suppose I could say it was the thought of creating life and getting to meet my baby someday. Then on the drive home I got hungry and called my husband to see what he wanted to eat. When he started joking around and not making a decision I got mad . . . super mad. I couldn't even talk to him when I got home. Then again this morning I am scrolling through FB crying at everything. I am not sure I am down for this. How is everyone else feeling?

Re: Holy Hormones!

  • My hormones aren't raging quite yet but with DS I was a basket case. Every car commercial made me bawl and if they had a kid in it...forget it! Hold tight though mama because it only gets worse from here ;). Wait until the postpartum hormones kick in. You're definitely not alone!
  • Oh I'm there with you guys. I bought blood oranges because YUM and I had a craving for all kinds of red fruits- strawberries and raspberries, and now blood oranges. Anyway, DH didn't know that blood oranges can be reddish on the outside, (actually the ones with reddish skin are the best!). The onion I just bought and cut into was rotten at the core, which was surprising, and it sent him into a lecture, telling me I need to check more carefully when I buy stuff and stop buying fruit I'm not going to eat, picked up the blood orange with the perfect red skin as an example and tossed it right into the garbage. I snapped and screamed "NOOOOOO!!!" like he was lighting my hair on fire. I don't know why. And OMG the crying, I can't! I cry over EVERYTHING! I tried coming onto DH when I went to bed and he wasn't up for it, and I burst into tears. I ran out of tissues in the middle of the night, and I cried. It's crazy! Wait till the first US on Wednesday, I'm going to be a MESS! Maybe I'll do my makeupafter that appointment... lol. You're not alone!

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