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  • I'm high risk also. I have a bicornuate uterus, which basically means my uterus didn't grow properly and its divided into two horns. DD was born at 35 weeks. I just have to really monitor things, as i don't have room for the baby to grow properly, and I'll probably be a repeat c-section however I'm hoping to avoid that. 
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  • Just got back from the doc and I am considered high risk like I thought I would be.  One reason is for my previous pregnancy complications.  And the other because I am AMA (advanced maternal age). 
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    DS1 12-31-1999, DS2 5-7-2008, DS3 8-3-2010
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  • I too am in the high risk club due to age and two clotting disorders factor 2 s d and factor 5. Also history of miscarriage and hypothyroidism. I am also expecting twins!!! So lots of risk but staying positive that the benefits of two precious  babies are worth al the risk and worry.
  • @hgahagan  OMG! Twins! Congrats! <3<3

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  • Today was my first OB appointment and not only am I in the AMA category but also considered obese (many people freak out when I use the word obese because I look normal but I'm tall and big chested).  So the dr told me today that I cannot gain anymore weight this trimester and I can only gain 15lbs throughout the whole pregnancy.  I was like "Wth and I'm only 9 weeks." So I'm feeling kinda depressed about it BUT I  got to hear the baby's heartbeat and it was 176 so yes I'm counting my blessings :)
    TTC for Baby #1 for 3 years. After 2 failed IUI's & IVFs, God blessed us with our miracle :).  FET 12/17/15 (transferred 2 embryos at 5days). First Beta 12/29/15 = 354. Second Beta 12/31/15 = 694. Third Beta 1/7/16 = 6,695.  Finally heard his heartbeat (126)  on 1/14/16 @ our 1st US.  2nd US on 1/21/16, HR was 159.  The most beautiful sound ever :) 
  • @Soon2bemissG I have a bicornuate uterus too.  I lucked out with my daughter and made it to 42 weeks, but she did not want to come out and I had an emergency c-section. I'm not sure if that was because of the shape of my uterus.

    Today is my first OB appointment so I'm waiting to see if I will be considered high risk again. I imagine I will be. I've been having some light spotting this week so I'm anxious to see what is going on in there.
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  • This is my second pregnancy, but my first was considered high risk. I had gestational diabetes and am now pre-diabetic (which is partly due to pcos). I am on a very high dosage of metformin to treat the pcos which seemed to aid in becoming pregnant which makes us very happy (I worried it wouldn't happen again).
    My concern now is that because of issues with my insurance I might not even have my first prenatal visit until I'm already in my second trimester. I have tricare standard right now but it switches to prime on March first. This means that I will need to get a referral from the base to even make an appointment.  First I have to get a clinical test and once it comes back positive I have to go through a class before I can get my OBGYN referral. I'm hoping after explaining this situation the clinic will make an exception so that I don't have to wait another month just to take a test. I wouldn't be too concerned if I weren't high risk the first time and I know of more issues beforehand this pregnancy.  Any advice?

  • Thought I would bump this back up if anyone wants to read/share! 

    @candice0203 quite a few of us take some kind of blood thinner injections for various reasons.  I take lovenox once a day for a blood clotting disorder and will switch to heparin in 3rd tri :)

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  • Good call @izzetoot on bringing this back. I thought it was weird that the OB and my PCP didn't say I was high risk until after the ultrasound the other day. I'm a late bloomer insulin dependent diabetic. So far it seems like it's just going to be more appointments and tests...obviously not the glucose test. It will be nice to check in with everyone as we progress. 

  • I have a high risk pregnancy as well due to Protein S deficiency, which was discovered after we lost our first son on 4/29/15 at 26 weeks (after severe IUGR beginning at 18 weeks) and a history of such losses in my family.  For this pregnancy, I was put on 80 mg lovenox injected daily beginning at 5 weeks and I was on baby (81 mg) aspirin before trying to conceive. We are going to the OB this week to hopefully see the heartbeat. While I don't wish anyone to have a high-risk pregnancy, it is comforting to have you all for support and know I am not alone.  I am cautiously optimistic. :)  
  • I'm not sure if this is considered a high risk pregnancy, per se, but I am at risk due to my first being unexplained premature so my doctor recommended starting shots at 16 weeks but kind of wavered back and forth on it so I'm not sure if I'm going to do them or not. I'm going to do some research before my next appointment. 
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  • I also have a blood disorder. ITP -- it is autoimmune. Basically my body attacks my platelets and when they are low I bruise very easily and potentially bleed for no reason. I haven't had an episode in almost four years and am technically in remission, but have always been told that I will be a high risk pregnancy and since this is our first baby I'm also on pins and needles. I also have Hashimoto's disease and we conceived through IVf so I'm being being monitored closely for that as well. Thanks for starting this thread @izzetoot .
    I have hashimotos too! It killed my thyroid gland 20 years ago so they need to keep an eye on my tsh levels. 

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  • I guess I get to join in: I'm being referred to a high risk OB because I have low platelets. I don't know what this means for me, I didn't ask any questions at my regular OB appt yesterday.

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  • @whitneylux I had low platelet counts in my second pregnancy.  They didn't catch it (or they weren't low yet) until I had labs done around 24 weeks though.  They called it gestational thrombocytopenia.  Though your counts may have been low prior to pregnancy for you if they are low already.  For me it just meant lots of blood draws to keep an eye on my levels to make sure they didn't get too low.  Mine dropped below 80k about a week before delivery (scheduled induction at 39w due to GD) and they put me on prednisone for a week.  That brought my levels up high enough so I could still have an epidural.  (They won't let you have an epidural if your platelets are too low.  The cutoff point varies a little with each hospital).
    Married 9/19/09
    Me (32) Dx PCOS, DH (32) SA = Normal/mild morph issues
    TTC#5 July 2017 - 3rd cycle TTC = BFP on 11/12/17 at 9dpo Beta #1 = 96 at 13dpo - Beta #2 = 207 at 15dpo
    TTC#1  starting Nov. 2009
    3 rounds of Clomid + TI and 3 rounds of 7.5 mg Femara + IUI before our BFP on 11/8/10 at 12dpiui
    TTC #2 3rd cycle of Femara 7.5mg+Ovidrel+TI = 4 follies = BFP on 10/12/12 
    TTC#3 July 2014 - Metformin +TI = BFP at 9dpo - Twins, one baby lost at 5.5 weeks 
    Macy Annabelle born at 37w4d on 4/29/15.  Diagnosed with Cri du Chat and passed away on 6/6/15.  Forever in our hearts.
    TTC#4 3rd cycle of Metformin + Femara 7.5mg+Ovidrel+TI = 3 follies = BFP on 12/24/16
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  • @Sarafuss

    thank you for responding! I didn't have this with DD. I kind of left my appt yesterday in a weird daze. I couldn't make heads or tails of what it actually meant.

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  • I have a question for other mamas taking lovenox or another blood thinner this pregnancy.  Im currently taking 30MG once a day, prescribed by my OB, but when I mentioned that to my MFM Dr he seemed to think that was an odd or low dose.  Im going to ask my OB about it on my next appt, but was curious what MG other mamas were prescribed.  TIA!

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  • IlikeIke2IlikeIke2 member
    edited February 2016
    I am on 80 mg/d of lovenox for (mild) Protein S deficiency. From talking with my MFM Dr. about treating my condition, it depends on the clotting disorder and/or bloodwork results as to the dose you are prescribed. I was surprised when I was given 80 mg/day when most people with clotting disorders (who I have talked with) are on 40 mg/day, but the MFM Dr. said for Protein S and given my history, he is treating aggressively. So, maybe ask your OB why she/he chose 30 mg/day? Also, do your MFM Dr and OB every discuss your treatment? 
  • I know they look at each other's charts but I'm not sure if they actually discuss anything. They kind of talk over each other (to me) which is kind of weird. My MFM is very cautious and thorough where my OB is more laid back. He (MFM) was double checking at my first u/s that I had even started lovanox bc with my first my OB hadn't prescribed it yet and was planning on waiting till 12 weeks. So he called in the script immediately and I started taking it around 9 weeks. And he must have called in the 'normal' 40mg which is why he was confused when I told him I was taking 30mg this time. And with #2 my OB called it in after betas and I started it around 6 wks, prob bc she knew he would if she didn't. Geez... Like a bad marriage those two!

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