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Sex poll!

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As in, how much have you been getting down with your SO since your BFP? How does this differ from sex life pre-pregnancy?

Sex poll! 228 votes

We still have not had sex since BFP (maybe not even since we conceived)
26% 60 votes
We have had sex once or twice since BFP
24% 55 votes
We have had sex a few times since BFP
20% 46 votes
We still have sex 1-2 times a week
18% 43 votes
We have sex 3-4 times a week.
6% 14 votes
No break in our stride! We have sex 5+ days a week
3% 9 votes
0% 1 vote
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Re: Sex poll!

  • This month has been tough, we don't really see each other so it stinks to try to get sexy time in. But hopefully with this test out of the way it changes our schedule and I see DH more often. 
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  • We constantly fall asleep on each other so none yet since BFP
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  • jhems776jhems776
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    With the cramps I'm kinda gun shy to have sex, just so scared it will make them worse or other bad things could have happened.  I think if he doesn't initiate I will next week but still kinda want to wait for the u/s at 7.5 weeks.

    ETA:  I was thinking about it earlier this week but then I had a dream we had sex and then started bleeding, I know it's just a dream but it really freaked me out.

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  • Once since conception on NYE. We were going 5-6 times a week before that. :(
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  • Even though I got the go-ahead from OB, I'm terrified I'm going to screw something up. I would feel devastated if I woke up the next morning to any shade of blood. I might feel
    more assured about it and able to enjoy myself within the next couple of weeks. I feel like the worst wife in the world, but the bad outweighs the good at this point.
  • DH always puts our 2yr old to bed and by the time he comes to bed I'm sound asleep. I feel so bad, but I'm so tired! Hey, if he was up at 6am when my insomnia strikes,  he'd probably be more likely to get some action. 
  • We were the same amount as before, but then I got put on pelvic rest/modified bed rest. Don't know if I will be off either any time soon.
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  • After 3 losses and spotting this time round, I'm just too nervous. Maybe after I see my midwife Feb 10 or if DH initiates. But I know he's nervous about something going wrong after sex (we've talked about it) so I doubt he will. 

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  • Anyone else experiencing some pain during sex? I don't remember this with the other two, but we would be having more sex if it wasn't painful.
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  • Sex has drastically decreased since BFP. I've had spotting, which first started a day after we had sex. So we had two full weeks where sex was a no go. This weekend, after the u/s showed baby was good, and I'd been spotting free for several days, we went for it. I'm on progesterone suppositories so things are tender and don't feel as good as usual, my MS is worse at night, and I'm just tired. It was the same during my first pregnancy. Things went back to normal in 2nd tri, and our sex life got back to our usual frequency. Just another reason to look forward to getting past first tri.

  • My sex drive has decreased quite a bit. That combined with being tired and nauseous and it's much less than usual. 
  • I just have no sex drive right now. Couple that with fatigue and nauseousness, nope. Not happening. I feel really bad too. 
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    BFP 1/2/2016 -- EDD - 9/11/2016
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  • I haven't been in the mood at all. I feel bad about it but I just can't get into and the second I lie down I fall asleep
  • It's only been twice in two months and I feel terrible about it. DH is very understanding... but I just feel so gross and don't want to be touched at all. :(
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  • DH was actually more reluctant after, if you can believe it. My hormones have turned me right the hell on, I want it constantly! Well, not the last few days because I've been sick, but that aside, it's crazy how much more I want it now! DH was too in his own head at first, but he got over it. It probably didn't help that any time he turned me down I burst into tears immediately (yea, that's also super new). lol!

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  • I'm so glad this poll was about our sex lives and not about the baby's sex! DH and I haven't had much action lately. He want's it, but I don't! I just feel so bloated, and tired, and crappy all the time. My sex drive wasn't super high before pregnancy, but I rallied often to help increase our chances to conceive. DH is quite disappointed it's taken a total nosedive.
  • Twice since BFP before Christmas . However having issues with it being painful so I don't have much interest right now either.
  • My sex drive is actually pretty great, but so is my exhaustion/busyness... So I think about sex but go to sleep instead, lol. (Also, we live with two adorable little cockblockers, so that doesn't help.)
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  • I have zero drive right now, and most nights I'm so bloated I'd be horrified if I let one rip in the middle of it. I know I'm not alone there, c'mon!
  • SarahDarah333SarahDarah333
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    Well, no sex now till the second tri, per the doctor, so no fun for me :disappointed: 

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  •  We had sex a few times after our BFP, but then one of them resulted in quite a bit of bright red blood. It ended up being totally fine and I guess pretty normal, but it scared us and sex has definitely gone down since then. Plus,  I have acne like a middle schooler right now and him so bloated I feel like I already look six months pregnant (I'm 7 weeks),  so not feeling super sexy over here
  • It's slowed down for sure. I don't feel sexy anymore. My boobs are huge and killing me. My acne is at an all time high and I've gained about 5 lbs or so (I don't have a scale but I feel much bigger). I still try and get a quickie twice week, I go for the quickie because it's a reason for me to keep my shirt on! 
  • I somewhat have a sex drive, HOWEVER I am so nauseous all the time sex is a chore and not a fun one bc it just makes my nausea worse. DH def isn't getting as much as he use to.... Lol
  • Im like not even interested in sex right now. He's all about my "new" boobs, but I'm just like get offffff me I want to sleep. One tired girl here!
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