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Second time mom - Trying to juggle it all!

Hi Everyone! Just found out that I am expecting and I am excited, but overwhelmed (as I imagine a lot of you are)! I have a 1.5 year old, work full time, and I have always wanted more than one child, but figuring out how to do it all is what stressed me the most! I know we all have some time to get there (EDD 10/5/16), but any advice from other moms going through the same thing or moms who already have a couple of kids are very much appreciated! Excited to have all of the other October moms here for support :)

Re: Second time mom - Trying to juggle it all!

  • My DD will be exactly 2 1/2 when my LO is set to arrive so I completely understand what you are going through.  While I am over the moon excited, I think I am most nervous about those first few weeks caring for a newborn and a full fledged toddler.  I think that it will be a learning curve for our whole household.  I guess gone are the days with the firstborn that you can just sleep whenever the baby sleeps/get a moment to yourself.  Bring it on though!  Can't wait!!

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  • My daughter will be almost 3 1/2 when this baby will be born. It will be interesting!
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  • Mine will be almost 2.5 by the time this one arrives. It's going to be a trip. But I'm excited :)

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  • Mine will be 2.5 when this one comes and I have days where I just want to cry. My son is constantly on the go and all I can think of is when he was a newborn I lived on our couch for the first month. I don't know how we'll do it, but others have, so we'll figure it out.
  • Mine will be just over 3 and will be in school two half days a week. I have a really great group of mom friends so I'll be relying on their support, helping hands and advice. I'm super excited though! Lately, DS is all about babies - says hi to every one he sees, wants to rub their heads, rock the car seats, share toys.  <3

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  • Thanks ladies! Y'all make me feel better about my worries and it sounds like we all are in a very similar situation! Gone are the days of snuggling/sleeping in the couch when the baby sleeps, but I can't wait to see how great of a big brother my son is going to be :)
  • I sit here, too. DS will be 20 months when baby #2 arrives, so even though he has no idea what's happening now, he'll be much more aware 9 months from now. It's going to be a crazy ride! 
  • I already have 2 kids so just wanted to reassure you - all will be fine! Sure, it will be a curve ball in the beginning but, by 6 months I was taking my 6 month old and my 3 year old to the pool daily in the summer and I felt like super mom managing 2 kids alone at a public pool with a bunch of healthy snacks packed for the 3 of us. You got this. 
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